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World Record Largemouth Bass Replica

This guy Steve did some great work on this world record largemouth replica! Check out his page and give him a shout out! This is a 2-D replica that I recently finished of the world record Largemouth Bass. If you would like…Read More »

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Two Smallmouth Bass One Jerkbait; The Video

Two Smallmouth Bass One Jerkbait; The Video Watch ThemĀ get into a school of 2 to 4 lb. smallies. Watch the Video; Share and Like Our Facebook page too!  

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Summer Bass Fishing!

In today's video the shortest boat tour ever.The worst net job ever and we catch some bass also! source

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Late Summer Bass Fishing Tips Part 1

How to catch late summer lethargic bass. Part 1 using a drop shot with KVD dream shot in the dirt color, and flipping a creature bait. follow the creek channel and concentrate on swings, or fish steep ledges with access to shallow…Read More »

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Spoon Tips for Summer Bass Fishing

Summer fishing can be tough for many anglers but when the going gets tough and the fish move deep, a jigging spoon is a great way to save the day! Matt and Tim discuss their different approaches to spooning for bass during…Read More »

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Top Five Summer Bass Fishing Lures

When the weather is starting to heat up like crazy, you need to have the right baits in your tackle box to catch bass. Sure, you could take a shot in the dark, and throw any old bait, and hope you catch…Read More »

Bass Fishing Showdown!!! LakeForkGuy vs. BlacktipH vs. 1Rod1ReelFishing

BlacktipH's tournament footage - http://bit.ly/1M5WvDj LakeForkGuy's tournament footage - http://bit.ly/22jmm26 Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE for New Videos Every Week!!! http://bit.ly/1RodSUB BlacktipH's... source

Easy Winter Bass Fishing Pattern to Catch Fish All Day Long

Struggling to catch winter bass this year? Here's a simple pattern that works all over the country and will help you put TONS of bass in the boat this winter. Hope you enjoy, -Jonny Baits... source

Bass Fishing With The Googan Squad

Bass fishing on these Florida ponds is always a good time. We will be doing more bass fishing tomorrow before we have to leave this humid state. Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP if you enjoyed... source

January Bass Fishing In The Ozarks with Ben Milliken!

January bass fishing usually means ice up north, frigid open water in the central United States, and pre-spawn conditions in the deep south. Even with these widely varying conditions across... source

How To Fish A Senko | Bass Fishing

Top techniques for fishing a Senko, and the 1 trick you have to see! Packed full of detailed information to catch more and bigger bass with a Senko. Related videos: How To Rig A Senko 5 Ways:... source

Peacock Bass Fishing in Florida! (ft. BlacktipH and Monster Mike)

Big peacock bass of the day at 4:00 Check out BlacktipH - http://bit.ly/1ozOYBP Check out Monster Mike on IG - http://bit.ly/1SRFSNG Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE for New Videos Every Week!!! http://bit.ly... source

Top 3 Night Fishing Lures for Bass

These are my top 3 lures for bass fishing at night. You want to use baits that are easy to find in the dark. Using lures that create a lot of noise, vibration and have a big profile usually... source

Summer Bass Fishing Clear Lake Ft. Travis Moran

Summer Bass Fishing Clear Lake, index below! 1:29 Bonus crappie 2:20 Jig hook set timing tip 3:08 How to tell a shad eater verse crayfish 3:28 Awareness cast to catch 4:00 Camera hogs 4:35... source

He Threw His Reel In the Water... Bass Fishing in Texas

Final day of fishing in Texas! Caught some bass first thing in the morning on topwaters, but once the sun came up a spinnerbait was the only lure these fish would eat. LunkersTV was dialed... source

Ice Fishing SMALLMOUTH Bass!?!? (Rods Thrown)

Smallies through the Ice is a battle I won't soon forget!! Thanks again for the support guys! -AP Jay Siemens Youtube Channel - http://bit.ly/2qDUzrK Jays Insta - http://bit.ly/2AYoRKW Bretts... source

My FIRST FLW Bass Fishing Tournament!

My FIRST FLW Bass Fishing Tournament! Click here to SUBSCRIBE-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrz3UN8LlvHjlDjy60NXlA?sub_confirmation=1 Add me on my other Social Medias! Snap Chat- kendallgr... source


Private Pond Bass Fishing in this cold weather is CRAZY! the bite was HOT! All on new baits straight outta the Mystery Tackle Box! Check out the Link Below to get a box yourself to your door... source