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World Record Largemouth Bass Replica

This guy Steve did some great work on this world record largemouth replica! Check out his page and give him a shout out! This is a 2-D replica that I recently finished of the world record Largemouth Bass. If you would like…Read More »

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Two Smallmouth Bass One Jerkbait; The Video

Two Smallmouth Bass One Jerkbait; The Video Watch Them get into a school of 2 to 4 lb. smallies. Watch the Video; Share and Like Our Facebook page too!  

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Summer Bass Fishing!

In today's video the shortest boat tour ever.The worst net job ever and we catch some bass also! source

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Late Summer Bass Fishing Tips Part 1

How to catch late summer lethargic bass. Part 1 using a drop shot with KVD dream shot in the dirt color, and flipping a creature bait. follow the creek channel and concentrate on swings, or fish steep ledges with access to shallow…Read More »

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Spoon Tips for Summer Bass Fishing

Summer fishing can be tough for many anglers but when the going gets tough and the fish move deep, a jigging spoon is a great way to save the day! Matt and Tim discuss their different approaches to spooning for bass during…Read More »

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Top Five Summer Bass Fishing Lures

When the weather is starting to heat up like crazy, you need to have the right baits in your tackle box to catch bass. Sure, you could take a shot in the dark, and throw any old bait, and hope you catch…Read More »

Stockton Lake Missouri, Randman011 Bass Fishing 1 minute videoclip


Randy Anderson Band featuring Emerald Yancey "Turn on the Radio" 5 21 11

Recorded on May 21, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. source

80-100 ft under Table Rock Lake

Another day deep in the lake!!! source

Weekend Waters Shallow BASS Fishing on Pomme De Terre Lake May 14 2016

Bass Fishing week later from mothers day May 8. Lake came down one foot, bass moved little dipper but still stayed shallow. check out weekendwaters.net for more videos. source

2016 Lake of the Ozarks Crazy Party Cove (best of)

Party Cove is the popular name given for Anderson Hollow Cove, a cove in Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri that according to The New York Times is the “oldest established permanent floating bacchanal in the country."[1] Various places in the lake…Read More »

Randman011 Bass Fishing Southwest Missouri Lakes.

Randy Yancey Bass Angler, Bass Fishing in southwest Missouri! Bass Fishing with Randy Yancey of Southwest Missouri Fishing Guides locator service! source

Randy Yancey Catches Big Bass at USA BASSIN regional tourney at Lake of the Ozarks

Bass Fishing Videos Catching Largemouth Bass Nations' Randy Yancey! Bass Fishing the Lakes of Southwest Missouri! USA BASSIN Regional Final at Lake of the Ozark. Tough bite, hot weather, high skies and only one keeper! But It was a hawg.!! Watch as…Read More »

TN B.A.S.S Nation State Bass Tournament

This was the State tournament to qualifly for the TN State Bass Team which moves you on to the central regional. I hope yall enjoy!!! Thank you for the support and Subscribe! source

How to Catch Bass in Rivers - Current Fishing Secrets

The Tennessee River is where FLW bass tournament fishing pro Wesley Strader grew up, and he's got a lifetime of experience fishing for bass in the current of rivers and creeks. This is a preview of a full 44-minute bass fishing instructional…Read More »

9+lb Giant Smallie!! Largest Smallmouth ever caught on film!

Eric Haataja (Plano/Frabill Pro staffer) and Ben Royce (Plano Synergy Pro Staff Coordinator) caught a giant smallmouth bass in Southern Wisconsin on May 16th, 2014. It was caught on a Berkley Havoc Sick Fish Jr. on a pre-spawn bite. The Wisconsin state…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Underwater Big Bass Dreams Underworld

Narration by Oliver Ngy Description - A "deeper" look into the biology and ecosystems underwater across North America, focusing on the basic habits, tendencies and behaviors that give us better insight into the worlds by which we are all so fascinated by.…Read More »


Team India takes on team Africa in a race to see who can catch fish on all 5 baits in the MTB box! Stay tuned for some BIG BASS! Sign up to Mystery Tackle Box! -- http://bit.ly/2ljg55X Use the Code: GOOGAN to…Read More »