Month: April 2014

GoPro 3+ Kayak Fishing Smallmouth Bass

Kayak fishing the Harpeth River and the Cumberland River... both just outside of Nashville, TN. Kayak fishing is a great way to get exercise and is very relaxing. Not to mention, it's fun! Enjoy this video and other fishing, kayaking and outdoor…Read More »

One Lure You Always Need on Deck for Bass Fishing

Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle talks about the one lure he never leaves the dock without ready on the deck of his boat. And then he talks about how to employ it in a day of fishing in the early spring and…Read More »

How To Catch GIANT Smallmouth Bass w/ Pete Gluszek - Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Watch Entire Class: Watch More YouTube Videos: Check Out The Tackle The Pros Use: Short sneak peek of Pete Gluszek's 52 minute smallmouth bass class on The Bass University TV. Catching a giant smallmouth bass aka "Smallie" may be one of the…Read More »

Topwater Tricks for Smallmouth Bass - Dave Mercer's Facts of Fishing THE SHOW

Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer explains the One / Two Punch approach for catching big topwater smallmouth. source

How To Fish a Senko - Texas Rigged Senko Bass Fishing Tips

When bass are in shallow water during the spring a Texas Rigged Senko can catch many fish. A Texas Rig Senko is a great bait for prespawn, spawning, and postspawn bass. In this how to fishing tips video, largemouth bass guide Stephen…Read More »