Month: June 2014

Fishing Shallow Cover for Bass with Spinnerbaits

This a great video full of some very good tips on catching bass on shallow cover. FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton talks about wind, multiple casts, systematically approaching cover, blade sizes and more in this insightful and fish full video. source

Using Finesse Worms for Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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Bass Fishing: How to fish a Plastic Worm with Scott Martin

Learn how to catch largemouth bass with a plastic worm. In this video Scott Martin gives us bass fishing tips and advice on - The right way to fish a plastic worm - What a plastic worm represents to a largemouth bass…Read More »

Bass Fishing: How to Select the Right Fishing Rod when Fishing a Plastic Worm with Scott Martin

FLW Pro Bass Fisherman Scott Martin shares his fishing tips and techniques to help you catch more bass. In this fishing video, Scott Martin explains how to select the right fishing rod when fishing a plastic worm. Learn about.... -Which fishing rod…Read More »