Month: September 2015

Bass Fishing Techniques with Frog Lures

Get a glimpse of how to fish with frog lures and modify them for greater success and more bites. To watch over 90 complete courses from Mike Iaconelli, Pete Gluszek and more top pro anglers, visit In this video Pete and Mike…Read More »

Jumping Largemouth Bass, Upper Missouri River, Minnesota

This Virtual Flyfishing video shows the Jumping Largemouth Bass with its mouth wide open while breaking the water surface. Two different sets of fish bitmaps had to be created for this effect. Great picture of the Upper Missouri River provided by Paul…Read More »

Bass Fishing Tips For Fishing in Weedy Water

Anglers join annually to bass fish in weedy water. Fishing takes place in Florida, Georgia, California, Michigan, and so on. One of the most sought out bass is the largemouth, which is found in murky waters, reefs, brush, etc. Around weed lines…Read More »

How to Catch Bass in Early Winter - Crankbait Jig Spinnerbait Tx Rig Winter Bass Fishing Tips

Crankbaits, flipping jigs, spinnerbaits, texas rigged worms are great fishing lures for catching largemouth bass shallower than 10 ft. In this how to bass fishing tips video, Lake Fork Bass Guide Stephen Fatherree shows how to catch bass in shallow water. Early…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Crushes Huddleston Deluxe

My buddy Josh caught his first bass on the 8" Huddleston Deluxe ROF5 Holdover Pattern. It was a very tough day and as we were calling it quits, he made a cast paralleling the lily pads and this bass absolutely slammed it…Read More »

5 tips for Late Summer Fishing | TylersReelFishing

I know it's a little late, but I hope this video shines some light on how to fish in the late summer, which can be a very hard time of the year to catch fish! Let me know if you have any…Read More »

Connecticut 8 pound 11 ounce large mouth bass caught on private lake 9/1/13

I caught this largemouth bass on a private lake on Sunday 9/1/13 at approximately 1:30 pm. I casted into shore from my bass boat approximately 75 feet. The lure hit the water approximately one foot from shore in two feet of water.…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Extreme

Fishing as a sport is one that requires patience by the ton, something that most of us sadly lack in. It is often at times like this that we may need that extra edge to get a bite on our lines, be…Read More »

How to Fish Visible Cover with Mike Iaconelli - Bass Fishing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Watch Entire Class: Watch More YouTube Videos: Check Out The Tackle The Pros Use: Mike will teach you how to analyze and pick visible cover apart so that you can effectively target the bass depending on the present conditions that you are…Read More »

Bass Fishing With Jigs In February [Washington State]

My buddy Josh and I went out on 2/22 in search of some more February Largemouth Bass! The forecast called for 57 degree high with nothing but sunshine. However, the forecast was extremely wrong! It was actually in the low 50s with…Read More »

Bass Fishing Techniques For the Beginners

You should learn a few recommended bass fishing techniques to increase your chances of catching a bass. A light colored spoon, for example, is not as useful as a dark colored one. Your crank-bait or spinners should also be dark in color…Read More »

Brandon Coulter Elite Tips: Bass Fishing in Late Winter / Early Spring

Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie Brandon Coulter breaks down the Tennessee river and gives some helpful tips on fishing in the late winter / early spring. Stay tuned for more comprehensive tips that will help you catch more fish source