Month: September 2016

Bass Fishing/ Matching the hatch?

Today we talk about matching the hatch ,and catch some bass as well. source

Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Fishing - So Many Giants!

St. Clair is just an amazing lake! We had an unbelievable day catching these smallmouth. We caught them on topwater, tubes, and the dropshot was the #1 technique. We think our best five fish went upwards of 22 pounds! If you ever…Read More »

Sight Fishing For Bass | Bass Fishing

Here's how to sight fish for cruising fish when they're up shallow. This is not a bed fishing video. Learn tricks to trigger cruising fish into biting your bait! Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from! They're loaded with…Read More »

8 Pound Largemouth Bass Smashes Spook; Video

My new Personal Best Largemouth Bass.! 7 Pounds 9 Ozs, Caught on zara Spook September 4th, 2016 Pomme de Terre Lake in southwest Missouri. Randy Yancey Pro staff with Line Cutterz fishing gear Springfield, Missouri

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Flipping and Pitching Tutorial

If you want to dominate the shallows, you need to master the art of flipping and pitching. Bass fishing legend Gary Klein spares no details in this comprehensive tutorial on the subject. source

Fall Bass Fishing For Smallmouth Bass in Ohio rivers


Fall Bass Fishing in Muddy Water

Short video on how to approach muddy water in the Fall. Sponsors: Music by Whiskey Rodeo - source

Late Summer Post Front Largemouth Bass Fishing

Hello Folks! This is footage from 9/11 when I went fishing for largemouth with my buddy Dave. We had some really tough post frontal conditions to deal with. The forecast predicted overcast with light wind and rain. However, the weather kept changing…Read More »

Bass Fishing on Guntersville in Late Summer

Introducing my new series of Bass Fishing videos. It's a VLOG but I will actually be fishing in them so I'm calling them a FLOG (Fishing Log) They will cover my fishing trips where I'm just fishing while figuring the fish out…Read More »

Understanding How the Weather Affects Bass Fishing - Wind, Pressure, Rain, and Moon Phases

In this video I will explain how the weather affects every aspect of bass fishing. We will go over wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rain, snow, cloud cover, and moon phases. I will also give some tips on how to read…Read More »

Hooked In His Eye... Big Bass Fishing

Thank you all for watching ! Had a BLAST with Chance ! Go follow him on Instagram ! DOUBLE TAP if you want to see more fishing videos with chance and his dad ! See you all at the next one !…Read More »

Friday Fishing: Giant 9lb Largemouth Bass!

In this largemouth bass fishing video my friends and I catch 0ver 50lbs worth of bass. Reel used: Pro Qualifer 7 bearing system Rod used: Bionic Blase Medium Fast Action 6,6 Hook used: 6 ot Gamakatsu Plastics used: YUM Mega Worm and…Read More »