Month: November 2017

Everything is Bigger in TEXAS - Lake Monticello Texas Pt.2 SMC 13:13

Sight fishing for Bass at its BEST on Lake Monticello in this Team Challenge. Tom Redington and I use every advantage we can to try and beat Mark Pack and ... source

Bass Fishing + Big Bass on Frog (6+ lbs)

Early morning bass fishing on an overcast day. Huge bass at 2:48. source

Underwater Bass Fishing | Bass Attack Live Crawfish Underwater!!!

UNDERWATER FOOTAGE of bass eating crawfish! Bonus video of world class Spotted Bass and Largemouth swimming in their natural habitat! Ever wondered ... source

Bass Pro Shop Speed Shad Swimbait Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Welcome to another Ed's tackle review, in today's video I go over how I fish Bass Pro Shop Tournament Series Speed Shad Swimbait. I give tips tricks ... source

Post Cold Front Bass Fishing on the Kissimmee Chain - Lake Toho

Catching Giant Bass on Lake Toho & the Kissimmee Chain is a dream for a lot of Bass anglers. As we enter the colder months, most people know that the ... source

Bass Fishing Ledges & Creeks - Iaconelli Fish Secrets

Want to catch offshore bass fishing ledges and creek channels? Learn all the secrets to catch more bass with a free 10-day trial at In ... source

THE BEST BASS FISHING LURE? - Spinnerbait vs Chatterbait

So which is better for catching bass? The chatterbait or the spinnerbait? In this video I compare the two lures and tell you which one works best for the given ... source

5 LB Bass Broke my Rod!!! Texas Bass Fishing (ft. LunkersTV)

Day 1 in Texas kicks-off with a bang! Topwater action to start the morning, including a 5 lber caught while walking a frog along a grassline. The bite slowed down ... source

Using PanOptix Depthfinder To Find Structure | Bass Fishing

Pro angler Jason Christie talks about PanOptix and how he uses it to locate fish-holding structure. Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from ... source

Bass Fishing With Wacky Rig

Bass Fishing with Wacky Rig. In this episode I try out the Wacky Rig Rings many anglers use when fishing wacky rigs. I did find it makes my worm last longer and ... source

Most Ridiculous Bass Fishing Reels?

The fishing here in Nor. IL is REALLY slowing down as we approach ice fishing season. Unfortunately more videos like this will be posted until the water starts to ... source

Peacock Bass Fishing in the Amazon Day 1

My first Peacock Bass fishing trip to Brazil was a huge success! In this first video of the series I land in Barcelos Brazil to meet our Floating Hotel Boat, the Kaluah ... source