By | March 8, 2018

Watch this video to learn the five lures every bass fisherman should have with him on the water. Not only do I tell you my top lures, but I also tell you how and where I fish then.


23 Replies to “5 best lures for Largemouth bass”

  1. Matthew Jones

    Frogs , jigs and senkos are also some of my favorite baits to use. I have some jitterbugs but I have never thrown them so I will definitely have to try them out this summer ! Another great video man, keep up the good work .

  2. TheToyReviewer 1984

    I agree man on the jitterbug. I kill the smallies on them in the summer right at dark in 5-10 feet of water near cover in open water. Smallies and largemouth alike, can not resist the action of the jitterbug. Very underrated lure in my opinion. Awesome video and informative. Great work! 👍

  3. drewhon

    Nice video. I love that frog and the jitter bug two of my favorites. I also Like the Strike King Mini Pro-Buzz Buzzbait in White, Killer for pike and bass in the spring.....Thanks for the video...

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