By | February 19, 2018

Another day deep in the lake!!!


20 Replies to “80-100 ft under Table Rock Lake”

  1. b1aflatoxin

    Cool dive. Seeing trees contrived to drown, I can't help but think of what our coasts will look like by 2100.

  2. KSMike1

    Frank, have you dived on the old 13 bridge? I've seen the sonar scans but a dive video would be interesting.

  3. David Foster

    It blows my mind to think that deer were probably at one point running around all those trees at the bottom of table rock and now it is a 100ft submerged forest...unbelievable

  4. Cole's Randomness

    Did you know at that lake it used to be a valley with a lake and STILL has pavements under there? Table Rock and Stockton are the same way!

  5. 1951RKP

    They water clarity for that depth is great! The lake near me you can't see your hand when five feet under water.

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