By | March 19, 2018
The Middle Allegheny is a hidden hot spot in rural Western PA. Gamma Fishing president Dale Black takes us out to explore the excellent fishing in this major Northeast river.
Smallmouth Bass fishing in extremely low, clear water on the Allegheny River. Blaine Mengel, host of Backwoods Angler TV and fishing guide joins Dale Black, president of Gamma Fishing Lines on the Allegheny River in early Spring.
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13 Replies to “Allegheny River Bass Fishing”

  1. William D Danilovics Jr

    Great Video! I fish the Allegheny from Oil City to Kennerdale, for Walleye, Pike and Muskie! and I must say there are a LOT of Smallies in there....I almost consider them to be a nunsince fish....Almost! lol

  2. Thomas Bridges

    I love your video this is the first time watching it. I live in Butler,Pa and have never fished the Allegheny or any part of the three rivers in forty years. Used to a long time ago. I fish Pyme and Lake Erie.  Where in the Allegheny did you launch out  at. Fish On

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