Author: Randy

6 Pounder Caught at LOTO Bass Fishing Tourney!

6 Pounder Caught at LOTO Bass Fishing Tourney!  

World Record Largemouth Bass Replica

This guy Steve did some great work on this world record largemouth replica! Check out his page and give him a shout out! This is a 2-D replica that I recently finished of the world record Largemouth Bass. If you would like…Read More »

Two Smallmouth Bass One Jerkbait; The Video

Two Smallmouth Bass One Jerkbait; The Video Watch Them get into a school of 2 to 4 lb. smallies. Watch the Video; Share and Like Our Facebook page too!  

Largemouth Bass Nation

Largemouth Bass Nation; For When You Can't Go Fishing!

Big Largemouth Bass with a Mouth Full of Lure

A Largemouth Bass with a Mouth full!

8.20 LB Bass Topwater Explosion

8 + lb bass from N. Idaho

Hey Scott here is a over 8 lb bass i got this year at a small local lake here in N. Idaho. Got it on a Fish-N-Fool Lures Sink-N-Fool, It was 23 3/4" long. It took a 6" Metallic Silver Shad one…Read More »

8 Pound Largemouth Bass Smashes Spook; Video

My new Personal Best Largemouth Bass.! 7 Pounds 9 Ozs, Caught on zara Spook September 4th, 2016 Pomme de Terre Lake in southwest Missouri. Randy Yancey Pro staff with Line Cutterz fishing gear Springfield, Missouri

New Personal Best Largemouth

The weather was cool and rainy but the Bass did not care. I caught a total of 15 fish that day including an 8 Lb personal best.

UNDERWATER VIDEO: Smallmouth Bass- Brilliant Clarity, HD

Tired of seeing dark, blurry, video of fish in murky water? Check this out.

Wife Goes Frog Fishing with LakeForkGuy Bass Tips

I was teaching my wife how to fish a hollow body frog for bass and it turned out to be a funny trip. Despite getting wacked by a frog by me!, she got a few bites but never connected. Her frog quest…Read More »


In todays video I bring you guys along with me at a new fishing spot called Ambush! If you guys enjoy the video and want to see more fishing videos make sure to drop a like! Lets go for 1000 likes! Have…Read More »