By | February 21, 2018

Watch an underwater perspective of a Smallmouth in its natural environment as it defends its bed against Matt's lure. The fish viciously attacks the craw every time it comes close.

Gear Used....
Huddle Bug:
Football Jighead:

If Huddlebugs are out of stock this is a great alternative that catches fish equally well:

Shimano Expride 6'10" Medium:
Chronarch MGL 150:
20 lb Sufix 832 Braided Line:
10 lb Maxima Ultragreen Leader:

Camera Used: GoPro Hero5:

Smallmouth are amazing predators and when its time for them to spawn they become incredibly aggressive as they defend their nest. If you've never sight fished for Smallmouth you need to give it a try this year!

White is a great color when targeting spawning bass because you can easily see when the fish picks it up but don't be fooled, the bass are often more aggressive on natural colors. If white isn't working, mix it up and try a natural bait color.

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44 Replies to “Awesome Underwater Smallmouth Bass Strikes! GoPro Hero5 Footage!”

  1. julian

    Another great video. Love these underwater shots showing how bass react to different baits. Keep it up guys.

  2. shltplease

    I'm not a fan of targeting bedding fish. Sure a catch is fun but she is protecting our next years catch. Leave the bedding girls alone. IMHO.


    Hey Matt my name is Noah I been watching all your videos for a while it's quite funny I found you trying to learn if I should use braid and leader and let me tell you my fishing experience changed tremendously sensitivity with Max endurance on the line went max over 50% less backlash for me at least mind you I don't get backlash a lot so my point is I take your advice very seriously with my fishing So I was wondering if you can give me some advice on a trip I am going on with my dad we're heading up to Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin haven't been there a lot heard the smallmouth bite is strong rn It's kind of early spring mid spring conditions fish are just moving up on them shallows what do you think is a good approach heading into this Father's Day trip and what do you think would be a key success in to having a good day on the water

  4. joey allen

    This dude is crazy to think its better to stomach hook a spawning fish only to have a better hook up . Absolutely crazy

  5. BassGeek

    Man we started using the 3in Ned rig for bedding smallies. When they pick that bait up it's hook and all 95% of the time. We where catching 20-40 a day 2.5 to 6blers. Great underwater footage.

  6. Kristian Cox

    This is what I requested! Thanks for the video man! I just got done smashing some smallies in Canada! Nice video! Wish I could've tried those jigs during the trip! Ha

  7. Troy Cote

    We killed the smallies last Sunday on 1/2 once jig head with half A fire red trick worm Tonight I got just shy of 22 inch's went belly up for ten minutes. She was dead. I thought. bring her home I hear her start flopping bring her to my sink. Revive her for 2 hours ,threw her in a giant cooler ,brought her to Lake Dennison and she swam off. I think that was more reward ing than catching her. 6 1/2 ich shimano convergence pro max Abu Garcia 1/2 once bluegill strike king spinner bait Got pictures in my sink reviving her. Awesome night!!

  8. Joe Gross

    off subject but what is the swim jig that you guys had a big hand in. swim jig is one of my favorite ways to fish. and now that I am taking it more serious and paying attention to more things I am noticing the ones I have come through the water more sideways, so I am on the hunt for a better sj to use. thank you for your time.

  9. ceylon munoz

    hey matt, I saw you mentioned flukes, off topic but in your opinion whats the best way to rig a fluke? Most of the time the lakes I fish around Toulmne County are clear. I'm a little new to the game, sorry if thats a dumb question, love the channel you guys are awesome.

  10. Joe Gross

    that was driving me nits watching the underwater view. was like set the hook already. but very different actually there. nice video, nice concept. something to think about and try, thank you. keep putting out the great videos.

  11. King Kong

    I was bed fishing today too. caught a 4lb and 2.75lb. Bed fishing is a fun challenge and i like the underwater footage. I've been wanting to do this as well but just haven't bought a camera yet.

  12. Chris Blandi

    4:51, sick footage. And this video is further proof how much easier SM are than LM while bed fishing. A large mouth would have said screw it and started circling and then that game begins.

  13. Grand Wonder

    When the fish guard its nest like that I would leave it alone. Let it reproduce and do its thing in peace without human interference. Once you take the fish out of the water and even if you let it go back it might not go back to guarding its nest since it is too fearful to go back to the same place. Even after a few minutes away from its nest could bring other fish to its nest to eat its eggs or hatchlings. This is why I don't fish spawning bass.

  14. Sherrod Barrow

    Why a leader of mono instead of fluro. I know you spoke of shock absorption. However if you're trying to drive the hook home why would you need shock absorption? I'm not trying to question you I'm just trying to gain a better understanding of why you chose mono.

  15. John Oortman

    I just don't understand how ya'll don't have 100k subscribers. I have been fishing for 40 years and I still manage to learn something by watching your vidz. Every fisherman out there could learn something from you guys! When you stop learning, you're dead! Keep up the good work!

  16. southern style bassin'

    nice new intro, quick question I understand that not to set hook too soon but with as long as you talk about taking have you ever had fish get conditioned to the same bait coming in from the same direction?

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