By | April 14, 2018

Bass Fishing 2017 - Catching Bass on ALABAMA RIGS!! | Stockton Lake Day III.

Have you ever fished in conditions so terrible you began to question why you got out of bed? Day 3 was one of those days...until the fish started chewing. With wind chills in the single digits, rod guides freezing over and numb hands, watch Kyle and I catch our best quality fish of the trip on Alabama rigs, cranks and of course the stupid tube.

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Lure #1 - 6th Sense Flat 75x

Lure #2 - Storm Wiggle Wart

Rod - Abu Garcia Vendetta 7'6" MH Mod

Reel - Abu Garcia Orra SX

Line - K9 14 lb fluorocarbon

Alabama Rig:

Rig - Hogfarmer 5 wire 4 blade

Swimbait - Smash Tech Smash Tail Jr.

Jig Head: 6th Sense Swimbait jighead

Rod - Dobyns Fury 765 FLIP

Reel - Abu Garcia Revo S

Line - K9 Fluorocarbon 20 lb




•Water Temperature - 47-49

•Water Clarity - 5-8'

•Wind - 20-30 MPH

•Water Depth - 2-25 feet



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