By | August 28, 2015
Attention! We have a lure manufacturer looking for 'pro staff' and field staff fishermen/women throughout the Tri States area (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma), who fish our tournaments and others, to become a Pro Staff ambassador for a regional custom made lure company. Go Here to Apply!! Apply for staff position! Or, for info and to request a recommendation form see me, Randy Yancey, Table Rock North Tournament Director for USA Bassin, after the tournament!!  

Green Grub was on fire for dredge. We had ok day with plenty of fish but not much size. River was clean and clear. We hit a small hole with beautiful sunfish. Our Susquehanna trip on 6-14-14 went well a lot of rain up there caused the river banks to be pretty muddy. Stay tuned to see how well the day went with one toothy surprise guest