By | September 28, 2015
Attention! We have a lure manufacturer looking for 'pro staff' and field staff fishermen/women throughout the Tri States area (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma), who fish our tournaments and others, to become a Pro Staff ambassador for a regional custom made lure company. Go Here to Apply!! Apply for staff position! Or, for info and to request a recommendation form see me, Randy Yancey, Table Rock North Tournament Director for USA Bassin, after the tournament!!  

You should learn a few recommended bass fishing techniques to increase your chances of catching a bass. A light colored spoon, for example, is not as useful as a dark colored one. Your crank-bait or spinners should also be dark in color when you are trying your luck to hunt some bass fish in clear water. Bass cannot see your light colored bait in clear water. Without attracting the attention of a bass you cannot expect them to come and get caught. Dark colored bait is far more attractive to bass fish and it increases your chances of success.

Look out for schools of bait fish when you are out for fishing on a large river bank or lake. If you find any of these schools of bait fish, you can safely assume that your target bass is lurking somewhere close. These fish will stay close to their food and that's what you have to remember. It's one of the simple things that can help you from effortless wanderings often leading to repeated failures in catching bass fish.

You should use your spoons and spinners frequently to look out for bass fish in deep waters. Bass fish are usually found at some depth. Different types of bass fish will require different techniques. Species type plays an important role in fishing. While the basics always remain the same, it is important to learn some hidden techniques and experiences of professionals. A smallmouth, for example, is far more unique and aggressive that any other type of bass. So you have to have more patience to catch them. Large fish like striped bass are going to make it even harder. Their large size helps them to apply additional efforts once they are caught on the bait. They travel over long distances and you need to track them to have any success.

Source by Jim Johannasen