By | March 7, 2018

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47 Replies to “Bass Fishing Tournament- Table Rock Lake Summer Pattern Rundown”

  1. Cape Nelson

    One thing I'm learning by watching these tournament videos is that it's HARD to compete with those guys. I'm not convinced they are the best pure anglers... But they are hard to beat in that format.

  2. SummitisBEAST

    Goong to Table Rock for my first time tomorrow and staying a week! Cant wait. Hopefully catch my first small mouth. Follow me on IG @riveryakin

  3. LocalBassCast

    Hey! I am scheduled to be at tablerock in mid august! I would love to hear your suggestions and tips since this is my first time heading out there. If you have the time to help out a fellow angler please DM us on Instagram or email at thank you in advance for your time! We love the videos!

  4. PHENOM880

    why was you not fishing a drop shot in deep water?...thats classic table rock summer time fishin

  5. Austin O'Barr

    Dude i wish u would have had that pattern before it alwats happebs to late and i would of been fishing 6 to 8 feet of water cuz i have had luck like that because the females go and feed after they lay their eggs and they go to feed ive won a couple of tournanents and at table rock they avsolutely kill on jigs so tightlines

  6. Dave Weroha

    Too much commentary and not much substance (got 5 minutes into the video and there wasn't anything substantive presented). 

  7. Shawn Price

    Good video. On my home lake. Summertime table rock is tough. But shallow usually pays off in that stained water. Them big post spawn females really do tend to roam the 2-8' range

  8. therealpoorboy

    awesome video close to home like all the white water river Lakes. S/O to skeeters owner tournament and Mike McLelland for his win on Table Rock.

  9. Dylan Royer

    Fished those exact spots last year and stayed in the same place as well. Caught 13 fish in less than 2 hours. No small mouths but lots of cats and large mouths.

  10. Conlan Carey

    Hi I was wondering how to become such a great fisherman like you. I was also wondering how to get In big tournaments. Thank you and keep making awesome videos!!

  11. hotrodmcspoonjr

    hey Justin, 

    are you free on Feb. 8th? i would love to fish with you! i have a tournament coming up on the 15th and would love to pre-fish for it with you. it is on lake Tawakoni, and i am not familiar with the lake. i love your videos and would love to spend time out on the water with a great fisherman of your magnitude. 

    Tighlines, Aaron

  12. HookedUp Fishing

    good videos as always sucks u lost the rod but by far the best videos on youtube helped me out alot during my touraments

  13. Morgan Sappelt

    Hey justin just noticed something, what happened to the skeeter you used to fish out of on lake fork? I remember that boat when I talked to you out there one afternoon

  14. LakeForkGuy

    The frog is the lowest percentage hook up bait there is. I usually like to reel the frog in after I see a strike to see if I feel the fish, and then set the hook. Braid is a must have and make sure to have a good heavy action rod with a fast tip. Other than that, the frog can just be tough to hook up with at times, but it is one of the most exciting ways to catch em!

  15. J2bcool30

    Devin grooms why don't you shut up if you don't like him talking then just go to a new video

  16. Mike

    I would have went in after that Dobyns set up lol...good think you're sponsored by them.

  17. Dan Strobl

    What happened to the 1080P quality? It looks like you used to use a gopro and now you use an iphone? #heartbroken

  18. Cody Hirez

    my home lake as well i grew up on clevenger cove right across from battleship point and banana hammock island one cove north of big cedar

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