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RIVER BASS TIPS & TACTICS- S13 eps 05- Here is a great example of how to fish for both largemouth and smallmouth bass in river conditions filmed in Northern Ontario. What to use, how to use them and where to fish them, all combined to help you locate and catch more and bigger bass in river conditions.

Extreme Angler TV is a Canadian HD documentary series. It educates viewers about high-impact fishing and shows techniques of hardcore fishing using fast-paced editing and unique camera angles. It is hosted by Karl Kalonka. Extreme Angler is produced by Extreme Angler Media, It airs on The Sportsman Channel, DirecTV & Dish networks.



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Entering Season 14, Extreme Angler Television has taken great pride in creating one of the industries leading brands that entertains, educates and inspires the 'Next Generation'. A leading communicator in the sport fishing industry, offering marketers "the total audience solution".

Through the integration and convergence of targeted multimedia communication tools including one of North America's most watched and popular national television programs, live events, tournaments, seminars, DVD library, multiple social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and anchored by a high traffic website,, Extreme Angler Media provides the total audience solution to penetrate a worldwide audience.

Extreme Angler TV has become so popular because of its ability to not only target a core viewer, but appeal and entertain the widest audience available from weekend angler to hardcore expert alike by nationally broadcasting quality primetime programming.

The show distils more action, excitement & viewer education into five minutes than most traditional shows generate in a entire episode! Every episode of Extreme Angler TV offers the home and on-line viewer a realistic insight about techniques, equipment and strategies involved in fishing at a up-tempo pace with cutting edge, innovative entertainment in a tasteful manner, unlike a lot of competitors shows that resemble 'paid programming or late night infomercials' with the occasional fishing content. The high powered montages of exciting, unscripted outdoor moments and a irresistible mix of heart pounding sound track ensures viewers never leave the edge of their seat, a favourite of non-fishermen as well.

EXTREME ANGLER TV is the 'NOW' generation... inspiring the 'NEXT' generation!
Beginning January 2016, Extreme Angler TV will be beaming to a much larger audience, on both DIRECTV & DISH network, thirteen High Definition episodes into every major market in North America with additional national broadcast partners and carriers offering sponsors and television partners alike a very strong foot print to angling enthusiasts via cable, satellite and telecommunication subscribers.

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20 Replies to “Bass in Rivers- S13 eps 05- Extreme Angler TV”

  1. RudiTexas

    Love this video I really need help on targeting river smallies I've been trying so hard to catch one but down here in Texas they're few and far between

  2. GFRESH38

    Have always loved Karl's style of fishing...Great episode- I think you could have made more use of your Power Poles though. They're great for stopping on specific cover and fishing it slowly, especially in current.

  3. she's bitching I'm fishing

    I did the exact same fishing last night on a great river system here in Massachusetts, I just coasted from lay down 2 lay down and was crushing em all night, also landing 3 5lbers. all my bites were bass suspended in the limbs about 6 to 10 ft down, if the trees were in anything less than that they weren't holding fish, once you find the pattern on a river u can really eliminate alot of useless water. love ur Karl, big fan, tight lines

  4. Almaguin Highlands

    born & raised on that lake/river. used to be a brook trout lake traditionally, then smallmouth bass were introduced as well as brown trout. The lake has changed drastically by illegal stocking of pike & largemouth, when i was a kid you could cast a split shot worm combo & catch a nice pan speck but those days are long gone. Nice video thank you for posting

  5. Limestone City Angler

    after watching your video yesterday I went out fishing and worked some of the techniques and color suggestions for my digs and had a very successful couple hours! keep the videos coming I'll keep watching great job.. I'm also a fellow Ontario fisherman... it's good to see some good professional Canadian fisherman with videos on YouTube

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