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Smallmouth Bass Spring Location and Lure Preference

In spring, smallmouth bass move up onto shallow rock and sand flats, initially to feed, and eventually to spawn. Establish their preferred depth, along with the proper lure style and retrieve to match their prevailing mood. source

HyperGlide Winter Smallmouth Bass - Manitoba Northern Region

Frozen Northern Manitoba is known for huge Pike and Trout throughout the ice fishing season, but I start my tour by searching for a scrappy alternative on Rocky Lake... check out for many year-round trophy angling options. Lake Fork Guy Stradic Ci4+…Read More »

How to Troll for Smallmouth Bass (With Fast Fish-Catching Action)

Today we're out on the water with Enzo out on Lake Eerie's eastern basin at 5am, trolling for smallmouth bass. We're trolling with the misty minnows, which are realistically shaped crankbait minnows. I'm using a medium natural colour, and Enzo is using…Read More »

Catching Smallmouth Bass with Crankbaits (Loaded with Fish-Catching Tips)

Last July I missed opening smallmouth bass day due to terrible weather, though this video more than makes up for it. The water is nice and calm, and super clear here on Lake Eerie. I'm fishing in about 6-8 feet deep water…Read More »

John Day River Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Had a great time fishing for smallmouth bass in Oregon on the John Day River. Big thank you to Fly Water Outdoors guide service. My second fish weighed in at 2lb 7oz and unfortunately the battery died but luckily I had another…Read More »

Stingnose and In-Line Teaser Combo for Catching Smallmouth Bass

We're going smallmouth bass fishing today! Today we're here with Antonio, our boatless angler, and we're running Stingnose jigging spoons for smallmouth bass - except we've added a special bonus, an in-line teaser! We have our Stingnose jigging spoons about two-feet below…Read More »

T-Turn Live Bait Rig for Catching Smallmouth Bass (Live Minnows)

I'm here with Antonio today, and we're out on the Niagara River. We're going to spend a little bit of time, only an hour, running live bait on a T-Turn bait rig. The water is about 15 feet deep here in the…Read More »

Cold Water Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Stingnose Jigging Spoon for Chunk Smallmouth

I have everyone's favourite boatless angler with us today, and we're out on the water in some nice cold -2 degree Celsius weather. We're all bundled up in full gear and even have on some nice toques. Click here to subscribe for…Read More »

Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Tips extra (Carolina Rig, Fish Cleaning)

Extra Video from the Skiatook Lake hybrid striped bass fishing show. Learn how to setup a Carolina rig for fishing with Shad and how to properly clean your fish. source

How To Fish The Ned Rig | Bass Fishing

The Ned Rig has taken the country by storm! Learn how to fish the Ned Rig, what equipment to use, and little tricks to get the most out of the Ned Rig in this informative video. Come check out the best Bass…Read More »

Canoe Fishing in Algonquin Park for Smallmouth Bass

Hello folks, this week we'd like to share with you our trip to Algonquin nation park. We set aside our motor boat and instead went canoeing out into the tea-stained waters, geared up with two-piece fishing rods as we went fishing for…Read More »

Dropshot Smallmouth Sturgeon Bay - Uncut Angling - May 29, 2015

Aaron catches a beefcake Smallmouth Bass while explaining some shallow water dropshotting basics in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and staying at Sand Bay Beach Resort - ...Equipment used: Alumacraft 185 Competitor Yamaha F90hp Motor Shimano Stradic 3000 Reel G.Loomis E6X 722S DSR Rod…Read More »