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Party Cove Chive on Lake of the Ozarks

Please rate comment and subscribe for more awesome videos. The Chive flags were posted up all over at party cove with the Chivettes in full effect Fun At Party Cove over Fourth of July weekend Special. We went out on the "Time…Read More »

Big Bass Attacks Spinnerbait! - Scott Martin - How To Spinnerbait Fishing Tip on Okeechobee

Bass Attacks Spinnerbait! - Fishing willow leaf bladed spinnerbaits on Okeechobee is a great way to catch some nice bass. This video I explain in-depth How To fish them properly in the grass. I will discuss the proper rod, reel, line and…Read More »

Funny fishing video


Huge Smallmouth

Smallmouth and Largemouth caught at Bear lake and Illinois River also please check us out on Instagram for more fishing pictures @FarSouthBassin. source

19lbs of Winter Smallmouth Bass -- Finesse Tactics PT.1

Part 1 of Smallmouth Slam. Caught over 40 fish this day on lake x. Used finesse tactics to get these bites. Caught my PB 4.3 lbs but was not caught on video, was also big bass of the day. Stay tuned for…Read More »