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"Fishing boats" is a very general term used to refer to any water vehicle that can be employed to assist in catching fish. Usually, the term applies to commercial haulers that reel in, store and transport huge quantities of fish to be…Read More »

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

smallmouth bass are usually found near certain objects such as rocks, seaweed and other things in the water. However, weeds are not as targeted as more loudmouths. The smallmouth bass is deeper in the water compared with the big mouth. The character…Read More »

Where to Find the Biggest Large Mouth Bass

The Big Ones, Where to Find Them? People always ask me where I find my trophy Bass. They want to know what I look for, how deep I find them and what it is that makes a particular spot better for big…Read More »

Smallmouth Bass Fishing In The Winter

Unless ice fishing is really your thing, you might do better fishing for southern smallmouth bass in the winter where the fishing can be good all year around. You will often find smallies suspended over points, humps, next to bluffs and ledges.…Read More »

A Beginners Guide To Top Water Fishing Lures For Largemouth Bass

Top water bait fishing can be a little more difficult to master than some other fishing methods for many aspiring anglers, but with practice it is always a very effective means of catching largemouth bass when conditions are not favorable for other…Read More »

How To Make A Video Sharing Website And Profit

You can make your own video sharing website, and make some great money in return. There are some key steps you need to take to ensure your video sharing will make it, and you'll make money off it. Here's how to create…Read More »

A Cold Sore in the Corner of Your Mouth is Not Herpes, it May Be Angular Chelitis

Often we associate any sort of infection on the mouth as herpes or a cold sore. However, if the infection is not on the lips but right at the corner of the mouth, this may not be a cold sore but Angular…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Fishing Techniques - Early Spring Bass Fishing!

Spring is just around the corner. If you are like me you are anxious to get out and go bass fishing. This largemouth bass fishing techniques article will point out some tips and strategies for early spring bass fishing. As warmer, spring…Read More »

2 Ways Of Connecting To The Internet With The Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab, your initial reaction must be awe. You must be entranced with the sleek, slim, compact, and lightweight design. However, one of your concerns may be ways of connecting to the internet with this tablet.…Read More »

Are Violin and Viola The Same Musical Instruments?

To the question whether the violin and viola are same musical instruments - the answer is Yes and No. As compared to violin, the viola is much larger in physical size as well as longer string lengths. Besides, the viola is generally…Read More »

How to Catch a Largemouth Bass

There plenty of information online as to what's the best technique to easily catch a largemouth bass but in all honesty, you could take hours to look at all of them! No worries as this article will give you a short, concise…Read More »

How to Fish - Spinner Bait For Largemouth Bass

Spinner baits in my opinion are the best all-season lures for catching largemouth bass. In the spring, they are especially effective when bass are in weedy shallows. Their safety-pin design helps by reducing snags in the weeds, because the bent shaft runs…Read More »