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California Dreamin' Big Bass Fishing - On the Water with Kelly Puppo

Welcome to a special look on the water while we chase Big Bass Dreams - California Dreamin' with our friend Kelly Puppo. Here's a deeper look into the process of chasing the fish of a lifetime. Something beyond the highlight reel videos…Read More »

Big Smallmouth Dreams Part 4 NY State of Mind - Lake Oneida

Part 4 of a series documenting the travels of the Big Bass Dream Team as they chase big smallmouth bass. This 4th installment follows the group back a few months from the Fall swing to June of 2016. It's the first foray…Read More »

Big Smallmouth Dreams Part 1 - Lake Huron

Part 1 of a series documenting the travels of the Big Bass Dream Team as they chase big smallmouth bass in the Fall of 2016. This first installment follows the group through day 1 of a 6 week adventure. Big Smallmouth bass…Read More »

Double 9 pound largemouth Big Bass Dreams style with Undercover Sportsman

A special day with double 9 pound largemouth bass for our friend Westin on the big 10" Megabass Magdraft swimbait! Westin Y. - , "I flew down to Austin Texas to fish with #TeamUCS Angler Oliver NGY of Big Bass Dreams this…Read More »

Catching GIANT California Bass!!! ft. BIG BASS DREAMS

SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/2mjkWmW Check out Big Bass Dreams ► http://bit.ly/2EzlUGN Day two of my trip to the West Coast got me in touch with an angler I've watched for years and learned a ton of wisdom from the big bait side of…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Underwater Big Bass Dreams Underworld

Narration by Oliver Ngy Description - A "deeper" look into the biology and ecosystems underwater across North America, focusing on the basic habits, tendencies and behaviors that give us better insight into the worlds by which we are all so fascinated by.…Read More »

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Ontario Big Bass Dreams Style

Amphibia Eyewear Presents Big Bass Dreams on Lake Ontario - Tackle Breakdown - Megabass Orochi XX Ronin/Shimano Stradic Ci4 3000/Megabass/Megabass Braid Lure - Megabass Ito Vision 110+1 HT Kanehira Special Guest - Jim Root source

The Bait Master and friends at Lake Murray.

Location: Lake Murray. Date: February 25, 2014. :::SUBSCRIBE::: It was a fun day fishing with the Vilaysane brothers out at Lake Murray. We were out in search of the big largemouth bass but as you can see Noy was the only one…Read More »