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"Fishing boats" is a very general term used to refer to any water vehicle that can be employed to assist in catching fish. Usually, the term applies to commercial haulers that reel in, store and transport huge quantities of fish to be…Read More »

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

smallmouth bass are usually found near certain objects such as rocks, seaweed and other things in the water. However, weeds are not as targeted as more loudmouths. The smallmouth bass is deeper in the water compared with the big mouth. The character…Read More »

Catching Huge Smallmouth Bass on Lettuce.....

I said lettuce a lot... yeah I got pretty excited... Social Medias Instagram- alexperic1 Snapchat- alexperic2 Facebook - Alex Peric Fishing My Camera Gear Main Camera - Microphone- GoPro - GoPro Accessories- Tripod - Editing Software: Final Cut Pro Business Email: alexpericfishing@gmail.com…Read More »

Fishing for Creek Smallmouth Bass

Kris Christian and I wade though a small creek in search of big smallmouth bass. We dont catch a ton of fish (maybe 15 some were small and not worthy of the video) But we also managed to stick a couple solid…Read More »