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Big Largemouth Bass on the Topwater

Big Largemouth bass comes up an smashes a topwater frog right before sunset. source

Smallmouth Bass Fishing, Sugar Creek, Indiana

Catching a handful of Smallmouth Bass kayak fishing Sugar Creek,November, 2015, starting up at Shades State Park, and wrapping up at Coxford Bridge, just downstream of Turkey Run State Park. Unfortunately, I was unable to float the creek during the peak of…Read More »

Spring Smallmouth Fishing Lake St. Clair, Michigan

Smallmouth Fishing Lake St Clair, MI. April 26, 2016 caught about 20 smallies drifting the mile roads of St. Clair Shores My GoPro died about halfway through the trip and didnt get any footage of the biggest catch of the day. source

The Bait Master and friends at Lake Murray.

Location: Lake Murray. Date: February 25, 2014. :::SUBSCRIBE::: It was a fun day fishing with the Vilaysane brothers out at Lake Murray. We were out in search of the big largemouth bass but as you can see Noy was the only one…Read More »

How To Hold A Bass | Bass Fishing

Here's how to hold a fish for proper catch and release. Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from BassResource.com! They're loaded with fishing tips and tricks, plus useful information designed to help you catch more fish the next time you…Read More »

Fishing for Beginners - How to Hold a Bass

For those of you who catch and release. Here is how to hold a bass so you don't injure it. source

Multi Species Fun Fishing With Penfishingrods.com

A few people have been asking me to make more Pen Rod Videos so here you go! Ask and you shall receive! Make sure to check them out at I was able have a whole lot of fun catching a mix of…Read More »

Washington State Bass Fishing on Memorial Day 2015

Hey Folks! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day and got to spend time with your friends and family! Josh and I hit 3 different lakes and fished in some very tough conditions. We fished during a cold front and a…Read More »

Lake Huron Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Fishing for trophy smallmouth bass during the month of September in Michigan source

Smallmouth Bass Fishing, 09/10/12 @7:42CT

Catching and releasing a nice Smallie at Big Creek, fish refused to give up! source