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Part 2 - Catching More Giant Bass at a Florida Spillway

There have been many fish kills across Florida recently since the drought has ended and heavy rains have begun. That doesn't always mean your favorite spot is ruined, which is what I originally thought about this spillway. I set off to find…Read More »

Seth Feider's Stickbait Mods To Catch BIG Smallmouth!

Stickbaits of all kinds are well-known for their versatility and overall bass catching ability. In this video Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Seth Feider, is up north targeting smallmouth using his signature "Feider Shad" BioSpawn ExoStick. When targeting smallmouth specifically, Seth modifies the…Read More »

Catching Bass, Crappies, and Muskie on the Wisconsin river

Like and subscribe so you wont miss any of my future videos! ---------------------------------------------- Camera : Gopro Hero 4 Silver edition Editing software : Sony Vegas Pro 12 Location : Wisconsin ----------------------------------------------- Catching Bass, Crappies, and Muskie on the Wisconsin river, | Wisconsin…Read More »

Bass Fishing Big Largemouth Bass in grass on a Jig

http://www.youtube.com/user/HawgInc/videos?flow=grid&view=0 first cast of the day cant get any better than that!! same gear used and today i went exclusively wih the jig...i made my mind up last night...JIG ONLY WEdnesday!! i caught a years worth of fish!! source

Catch n' Cook Smallmouth Bass on a River!

Catching and cooking up some river smallmouth bass over an open fire! This video is sponsored (kind of) by Dry Creek Outfitters. We did not set out this day to do a Dry Creek promo, but after telling them about the video,…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Fishing From A Paddle Boat at Lake Mead, Nevada

Summer Bass Fishing is very good right now. We hook up on Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Striped Bass in this video. People were laughing as we loaded our boat with the bass poles but its not the size of the boat…Read More »