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They're In The Creeks! - Ohio Smallmouth Fishing

WATCH IN HD! Summer creek fishing in Ohio! Took a late morning trip out to the creek to do some smallmouth fishing. Turned out to be a pretty solid bite. Most of the fish I caught came on a 1/8 oz shaky…Read More »

Fishing for Creek Smallmouth Bass

Kris Christian and I wade though a small creek in search of big smallmouth bass. We dont catch a ton of fish (maybe 15 some were small and not worthy of the video) But we also managed to stick a couple solid…Read More »

Finesse Fishing Creek Smallmouth Bass

Fishing a drop shot in a creek for some summer smallmouth bass. I was fishing the fish in deeper, slow moving water and hugging submerged stumps and lay downs. Gear used: -Lews Speed Spin CB300 on a Lews Carbon Blue Speed Stick…Read More »

Creek Fishing Smallmouth Bass -Topwater ?!?!

Today we went back out to our normal spot where we smallmouth bass fish and absolutely killed them on topwater. I started with the 1 dollar Bass Pro Shops popper. The hooks when you get these baits are very bad, so i…Read More »

Creek Fishing Smallmouth Bass

Fished a new creek for the first time and got into some bass and pike. It was a great experience fishing such a small creek and trying to dissect it to find the fish. I found the fish were holding near the…Read More »

5 best smallmouth bass lures

Watch this video to see the 5 lures you should always have with you when targeting smallmouth bass. source

Fishing for Smallmouth bass & Sunfish - Wading Brandywine Creek DE

Fishing for Smallmouth bass & Sunfish - Wading Brandywine Creek DE Hey Guys, I am Jimmy Ly aka raWr Fishing. In this video you'll find some summer time fishing! Wading in the creek is relaxing and keeps you cool as you fish.…Read More »

Summer Creek Smallmouth Fishing

WATCH IN HD. Dan and I take a little adventure out to the smallie creek. Wasn't the best day but we got into a few! source

Smallmouth Bass Fishing, 09/10/12 @7:42CT

Catching and releasing a nice Smallie at Big Creek, fish refused to give up! source