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Sight Fishing BIG Smallmouth in Northern Michigan

Peric and I set out this May to get after some big smallmouth looking to spawn. Most of this footage was misplaced but I threw some together for a first video. I could have very easily made this all about how Peric…Read More »

Bass Nation 2017 Stop #1 Bartlett Lake

Bass Nation Qualifier #1 at Bartlett Lake in Arizona. Follow me as I record and do product demos and go over how I caught my fish this year. Stay tuned! Also follow me on Facebook and Instagram Facebook: Cole Garratt Fishing Instagram:…Read More »

Tips For How To Dropshot | Bass Fishing

Dropshot tips for big bass! Thanks to our partner Lucky Tacklebox for supplying this video. Use promo code FREEB1 at checkout and you'll get a special bonus lure added to your box! http://bit.ly/2thNR16. Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from…Read More »

Denali KOVERT LT JERKBAIT-HARDBAIT & FINESSE, Pesca de Lobina / Bass Fishing Denali Rod

Pongo en tu manos una caña que se hizo para disfrutarla al máximo, ligera fuerte, que ofrece excelente presentación del señuelo, ideal para muñequeo con un mango corto para arreglos que no requieren un fuerte hookset en donde la misma caña te…Read More »

Table Rock Lake Winter Fishing Lessons Learned

A recap of Lessons Learned and thoughts from my recent practice on Table Rock Lake... I spend a Saturday fishing this lake in December and this is my thoughts/feedback on what I did and probably should have done that day... source

BIG NUMBERS WHILE BASS FISHING (Smallmouth, Largemouth & Huge Panfish!!!)

I traveled an hour and a half from my home to go bass fishing at Lake Habeeb. The lake is situated within the Rocky Gap State Park in the mountains of Maryland and has some of the most beautiful scenery to surround…Read More »

Fishing For Beginners - Where to Start - Bass Fishing

If you are interested in bass fishing for beginners this is where to start. This video is the first one in a playlist meant to teach the beginner fisherman or woman how to fish from the very start. From how to find…Read More »

Bass Fishing Big Largemouth Bass in grass on a Jig

http://www.youtube.com/user/HawgInc/videos?flow=grid&view=0 first cast of the day cant get any better than that!! same gear used and today i went exclusively wih the jig...i made my mind up last night...JIG ONLY WEdnesday!! i caught a years worth of fish!! source

Underwater Bass Fishing Footage | Drop Shotting Crystal Clear Water!

This is the clearest Underwater finesse fishing footage we've ever captured! We even included the "above water" angle so you can get a full picture of what is going on. These bass can't resist the drop shot and the finesse tube. Spring…Read More »


There are so many times bass fishing when all you need is a drop shot! On my local lake this time of year, I sometimes wonder why I even try anything else on days like this! The drop shot has saved me…Read More »

"Smallmouth Bass" Fishing - Fall "drop shot" fishing in deep water

"Smallmouth Bass" Fishing - Fall "drop shot" fishing in deep water - RahfishNow presents : "Smallmouth Bass Fishing" iIn the Fall when big Smallmouth Bass stack up, the "drop shot" is one of the more effective ways to target them. A medium…Read More »

Master The Dropshot In 3 Steps | Bass Fishing

Learn how to master the dropshot rig from Mike Iaconelli! Watch now! Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from BassResource.com! They're loaded with fishing tips and tricks, plus useful information designed to help you catch more fish the next time…Read More »