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New Personal Best Largemouth Bass!! Caught on Lew's Fishing Rod and Reel!

I finally caught my new personal best largemouth bass! its been about a year since I caught my 5.5 and now its 7 pounds! I caught this beast on a bed and it was quite the challenge! he kept swing at it…Read More »

BEST Top Water Frog Bass Fishing Video in Florida Lake. Spro and Rage Toad

Bass Fishing in Florida with Captain Shane using the Strike King Rage Tail Toad and Spro Frog. Lot's of big fish. I finally got a "me" day to do a little bass fishing. It was fantastic! Must see. Topwater Video. http://www.floridaevergladesbassfishingadventures.com source

Alligators vs. Kayaks while Bass Fishing with DALLMYD in the Everglades - Very Dangerous

Alligators everywhere in this bass filled part of the Florida Everglades. Me and DALLMYD take our kayaks strapped to an Airboat deep into the swamp in search of largemouth bass. This is one of the craziest adventures I have been part of…Read More »

Florida Everglades Top Water Largemouth Bass Fishing

Retired US Army Veteran, Mr. Phillips and I get on a solid Top Water Florida Everglades Largemouth Bass bite. (charter information) source

Flipping Bass with Capt Shane & Capt Jim Everglades Fishing

Capt Shane and Capt Jim Costabile flipping up a great sack of largemouth bass in the Florida Everglades using the Gambler Lures Why Not & Ugly Otter. (charter information) source

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami with Captain Shane (Video & Pics)

Miami Peacock Bass fishing is smoking hot! Book a charter today to fish Peacock Bass with the Peacock and Bass fishing guide, Captain Shane Procell. I specialize in topwater plug fishing but also offer live bait charters. Email captainshane@ymail.com to book a…Read More »

Best Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Over 100 Caught on Topw

This was the best bass charter I have had this spring. Robert Sanborn and I caught over 100 bass and most were on topwater. Sorry I could not show them all. source