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Fishing for Monster Striped Bass! - Vlog (River Fishing)

In this video I fish for striped bass at the river! Big fish of the day at 2:23 If you want to see more fishing videos like this make sure to click the like button! Let's aim for 1000 likes! • New?…Read More »

Lucky Tackle Box: RANDY'S BASS BUFFET RIG! (Bass Fishing) - Vlog

My buddy Corey and I try out some new lures Lucky Tackle Box sent our way. Thought I'd share are experience with you guys today! If you enjoy the video and want to see more fishing videos like this make sure to…Read More »

Monster Smallmouth Bass Fishing 2014

Catching huge smallmouth bass. I got a small clip at the 4 minute mark of a huge Musky that came up after Levi's bait as we were drifting into shore...he didn't even see it until I told him look behind his bait...Cool…Read More »


Did some small mouth bass fishing with the Butcher! He knows how to fish! Had a great time and caught some very nice smallies! source

My Bass Fishing Tackle 8/1/14

Total Bag weight = 14.5 lbs Forgot to discuss flipping jigs in tackle box 2. There are 6 strike king hack attack jigs. 3 blk/blu, 3 grn pumpkin. Two 3/8 ounce, two .5 ounce, and two 3/4 ounce. source

Bass Fishing: How to Select the Right Fishing Rod when Fishing a Plastic Worm with Scott Martin

FLW Pro Bass Fisherman Scott Martin shares his fishing tips and techniques to help you catch more bass. In this fishing video, Scott Martin explains how to select the right fishing rod when fishing a plastic worm. Learn about.... -Which fishing rod…Read More »

River fishing Smallmouth bass and Pike

Went out looking to catch some nice Northern Pike. However i was only able to catch some small ones along with a nice Smallmouth bass. This is the first Smallmouth that i had caught or seen in this river. Now that i…Read More »