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Catching BIG Smallmouth Bass in RAGING Waterfall

Minnesota smallmouth fishing in heavy current produced some quality fish. The waterfall had the fish stacked up behind the river eddy. Spinnerbaits were the key in the river but we also got some explosive topwater strikes using poppers on the main lake.…Read More »

Fishing in Current for Bass

Ott Defoe is a noted river rat and has learned a lot through years fishing at home and traveling the country fishing rivers about reading current. He shares some tips about reading and fishing current to give yourself the best options to…Read More »

River Fishing - Catch Big Bass in Current

Want to catch big bass when river fishing, or around current in your lake? Want to locate bass hideouts in moving water? This video will help you find current breaks, seams, eddies and back current that hold fish. Watch this bass fishing…Read More »