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Largemouth Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee with DOA Lures

Lake O - Capt Blair Wiggins fishes for largemouth bass on Lake Okeechobee out of a Skeeter SX210 with Capt Butch Butler. They are using DOA Lures new bass fishing jigs and soft plastics and live shiners to catch bass for the…Read More »

Ontario Fishing Lake Reviews - Lake Nipissing

With over 250,000 lakes, Ontario is home to some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Ontario has several destination lakes which are classified as such due to their size, location and the quality of their fishery. Lake Nipissing is one…Read More »

Bass Fishing In The Florida Everglades

Most anglers agree that bass fishing in the Everglades is a unique and captivating experience. Many people visit this unique environment expecting the stereotypical swamplands of old black and white movies; what they find is one of the country's most extraordinary natural…Read More »

3 Simple Tips to Help Select the Proper Bass Fishing Lure

When a bass fisherman considers the bait he will use when fishing, he is faced with literally thousands of choices. Spinner bait or crankbait, topwater bait or deep diving bait, red, yellow or chartreuse, these are but a few of the choices…Read More »

Things You Need to Know About Bass Fishing

Did you know that bass fishing is America's number one fresh water sport? This sport has become so popular that it has grown to be a 4. 8 billion dollar industry. The advantage it has over other sports is that anyone who…Read More »

Increase Your Largemouth Bass Fishing Catch With These Tips And Techniques!

Largemouth bass fishing when mentioned among a group of dedicated anglers can engender levels of excitement that only those who regularly cast a line can appreciate. Largemouth bass love a contest and of course, so do anglers! Understanding some basic principles of…Read More »

Bass Fishing Bait

There are many different type of bass fishing bait that are used in different conditions, depending on the depth of the water, the clarity of the water, whether the bottom is rocky or clear, if you will go through reeds and other…Read More »

Fishing Lake Erie

Lake Erie is the "Walleye Capital of the World." If you like to catch walleye and you haven't fished this lake, you should think about planning a trip. Lake Erie is a part of the Great Lakes and you can access the…Read More »

Bass Fishing With Live Worms

When it comes to bass fishing everyone knows about fishing with worms, but for the most part the worms that are thought of when it comes to bass fishing are the kind that are rubber or plastic and come in as many…Read More »

Spring Bass Fishing

Spring bass fishing is about as good as bass fishing gets. The bass are hungry, aggressive and easy to catch. This is when the bass move from the depths into the warm shallow water where they will feed for the first time…Read More »

Best Fishing Lures: 3 of the Most Effective Fishing Lures on the Market

When it comes to bass fishing lures it can seem as if the choices are endless and this is with good reason. For the most part the choices are endless when it comes to bass fishing lures, but in this article I…Read More »

How To "Drift Fish" for Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Etc

When I began my fishing career (if you can call my fishing escapades a "career") I had the pleasure of being taught a specific angling technique by a man who was renowned throughout the area where I grew up as being a…Read More »