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Smallmouth Bass Spring Location and Lure Preference

In spring, smallmouth bass move up onto shallow rock and sand flats, initially to feed, and eventually to spawn. Establish their preferred depth, along with the proper lure style and retrieve to match their prevailing mood. source

Kayak Fishing - Drifting for Sea Bass in Shallow Water Using Lures

Sea Bass are a great fish to fish for and a great fish to catch and drifting with lures over shallow rough ground can be an effective way of targeting them. This video is about casting and jigging weedless soft plastics whilst…Read More »

Best Lures to use to catch smallmouth bass

Some lures that are great for catching smallies in creeks or rivers 1 crawdad crankbait 2 slug-o 3 banjo minnow 4 rapala x rap 5 mister twister 6 flippin tube 7 storm bait-n-switch curly and paddletail minnow Instagram: bassking33 source

Shore Fishing - Weedless Lure Fishing for Sea Bass

Weedless lures enable otherwise unfishable areas that could hold Sea Bass fishable. This video is about fishing for Sea Bass in Cornwall with a weedless lure a Fish Arrow J 5” SW rigged with a weedless worm hook with tips on the…Read More »


The Totally Awesome Fishing Show! Graeme Pullen shows you how to catch Bass on soft plastic lures!! He shows you the best Bass lures to use, as well as show you how to find fish on a fish finder. Graeme fishes in…Read More »