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Scott Martin vs. Roland Martin Team Challenge for Big Smallmouth Bass - SMC 13:6

Bass Fishing Challenge on Rainy Lake where "Gussy" and I Challenge Roland Martin and Andy Young in this hard fought Smallmouth Bass Tournament from the Rainy Lake Houseboats in the remote corner of the lake. This challenge is all fun and games…Read More »

Part 2 - Catching More Giant Bass at a Florida Spillway

There have been many fish kills across Florida recently since the drought has ended and heavy rains have begun. That doesn't always mean your favorite spot is ruined, which is what I originally thought about this spillway. I set off to find…Read More »

Big Largemouth Bass Caught on KastKing Mela II (2) Spinning Fishing Reel

The KastKing Mela II (2) spinning fishing reel is a great budget reel for any angler. The Mela II spinning reel is strong enough to handle big bass like the largemouth caught in this video. Gus surely does like his KastKing Mela…Read More »

Bass Fishing tips for Beginners : The Bass

Bass Fishing tips for Beginners : The Bass You can watch videos Bass Fishing for Beginners followed here Please watch also our other compilations and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date with new videos! Leave a like and comment…Read More »

The Best all Around Rod for Bass Fishing

This is how to determine what is the best bass fishing rod and reel for you. source

Testing New Lew's Bass Fishing Gear - 2014 ICAST

We got out on the water with the new Lew's bait caster fishing reels and Custom Speed Stick fishing rod line with Terry Bolton. Some new great stuff coming from Lew's next week at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando. Here is…Read More »