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Pre-Fishing Lake Toho. High School B.A.S.S. Nation


Flipping Big Florida Largemouth Bass with Professional Trevor Fitzgerald ( Fitzgerald Rods )

Flipping for Big Florida Largemouth Bass with professional bass fishing angler and Fitzgerald Rods founder, Trevor Fitzgerald. Trevor presented me with his newest rod, the Fitzgerald Rods Titan HD heavy flipping stick. It took a little while for us to get dialed…Read More »


A collection of bass fishing pictures I would like to share. Enjoy. source

Bass Fishing the CA Delta Ft. Mark Daniels Jr.

Bass Fishing the CA Delta Ft. Mark Daniels Jr. FaceBook links Mark = www.facebook.com/MarkDanielsJr IF = www.facebook.com/theinformativefisherman www.informativefisherman.com www.informativefisherman.com source

Sight Fishing Giant Smallmouth Bass

Took a trip to Northern Michigan in the Spring and the big boy smallies were cruising the outside edges of the reeds. I tried tube jigs but they kept getting jammed in the reeds. I switched to a pitching technique I use…Read More »

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Flipping and Pitching Tutorial

If you want to dominate the shallows, you need to master the art of flipping and pitching. Bass fishing legend Gary Klein spares no details in this comprehensive tutorial on the subject. source

FLIPPING Soft Plastics - Bass Fishing TIPS

Tips for flipping and pitching soft plastics for largemouth bass. Check below for a complete list of gear and tackle used in this video! TACKLE Strike King Rage Tail DB Structure Bug - http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Strike_King_Rage_Tail_DB_Structure_Bug/descpage-RGBUG.html Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Junior - http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Xcite_Baits_Raptor_Tail_Junior_6pk/descpage-XBRTJ.html Reaction…Read More »

NEW! BAREFOOT Log Rolling Big Smallmouth Bass! (VLOG #1)

Prepare yourself for ridiculous bass fishing and some good laughs. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson exhibits catlike reflexes on a river logjam to get to where others cannot. All laughs aside, big and stable logjams can provide a walking surface from which to drop…Read More »

Fishing a "Texas rig" worm - "Flipping for Largemouth Bass"

Fishing a "Texas rig" worm - "Flipping for Largemouth Bass" - RahfishNow presents : Big Fish want to use as little energy as possible and flipping a "Texas Rig" 10 inch worm for Largemouth Bass could be the ticket. When temperatures warm…Read More »

Flipping Bass with Capt Shane & Capt Jim Everglades Fishing

Capt Shane and Capt Jim Costabile flipping up a great sack of largemouth bass in the Florida Everglades using the Gambler Lures Why Not & Ugly Otter. (charter information) source

Lake Kissimmee Bass Fishing with Van Soles

A day on the lake with 2014 BASS Open champ Van Soles. Van shows off why he's so confident in the Gambler BB Cricket day in and day out when tapping heavy vegetation with his Halo flipping stick and Lews Speed Spools…Read More »