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Bass Fishing- They Beat Up The Frog (2016)

Bass fishing with hollow body frogs. Went out with the intention of froggin' and flipping' but quickly realized the frog was going to be "the deal". It was difficult at times but I was still able to lace into a few. Subscribe…Read More »

Fishing For Smallmouth Bass On Lake Simcoe

Cole & Bill Vardy hit Lake Simcoe to fish for Smallmouth Bass. Luckily for us they found a good spot & got some nice catches. Includes GoPro underwater footage of the releases. source

Huge 8 LB. Largemouth Bass on the Arkansas River

How often do you get a chance at a true 8 lb bass? Much less get lucky enough to catch it on camera! I fish the Arkansas River a ton...but this seldom happens! "Space_Trap" by TeknoAXE is licensed under CC by 4.0…Read More »

LargeMouth Bass Fishing In My BackYard

Bass Fishing source

Big Bass eat DUCKS! Trapbass Duck Jr.

The Trapbass Baits Duck Jr., an imitation of a little duckling, a perfect snack for big largemouth bass, pike, muskies, and other predatory fish. Get yours by emailing Trapbassbaits@gmail.com or visiting their Facebook page at for ordering and more information. Credit to…Read More »

Bass Fishing- Zoom Z-Hogs in Mats (2015)

Bass fishing in the early summer using Zoom Z-Hogs beaver style soft plastics. 6/2015 source

Catching deep smallmouth bass

Fishing for deep smallmouth bass source

Bass Fishing : How to Choose the Right Bait When Bass Fishing

When bass fishing, remember that crank baits can be used year-round, hard baits are best in the spring, summer and fall, and soft plastic baits can be used in a variety of ways. Learn about using top water baits to fish for…Read More »