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Largemouth Bass Fishing. Several Big Bass.

Buy lures at our store http://bamafrogs.com Subscribe to see more videos. http://bit.ly/Bama_Bass Having a good day of fishing on a hot day in April. source

A Bunch of Giant Alabama Small Mouth Bass - Mega Bag

We catch the Biggest Bag of Smallmouth I have ever seen on Lake Wilson in Alabama with David the "SmallMouth Wizard" - I have no words other than "WHAT!" Hopefully we show you some tips on how to catch smallmouth bass with…Read More »

Big Largemouth bass, bass fishing in Alabama

Buy these Culprit Worms from our site http://bamafrogs.com Subscribe to see more videos. http://bit.ly/Bama_Bass My wife Liz and I catching some big bass in the second half of July Worm fishing. source

Understanding Big Bass - How to Catch a Trophy Largemouth

This video will cover my favorite fishing topic, understanding big bass and trophy bass fishing. I go in depth on common mistakes anglers make, having a big bass mentality, and tips on weather, lures, and tackle. I have been chasing big bass…Read More »

Monster smallmouth bass fishing Part one

The fish started off aggressive chasing jerkbaits and even had one blow up on a top water. Later in the day we had to slow it way down with a drop shot as the fish became less active. Make sure to check…Read More »

Giant Smallmouth Bass on the Great Lakes

Jason Mitchell Outdoors - Season 14 - Episode 18 - Chequamegon Bay near Ashland Wisconsin is one of the most notorious smallmouth bass fisheries on the Great Lakes. Join host Jason Mitchell and guide Roger LaPenter as they share some tips and…Read More »

Striped Bass Fishing with Bunker Raritan Bay April 25th 2015

(Down Deep Crew trip) April 25th, 2015 i ran the Down Deep Bullet with Capt. Mario and The Lip. Excellent fishing with a lot of laughs. The fish eye lens in the camera doesn't do the fish much justice but i hope…Read More »

Insane Quarry Bass Fishing, fish to 6+lbs New Jersey June 2015

Crazy action at a quarry, location remains unsaid. Length estimates put a 23" largemouth at about 7.5lbs, but Ill never know what it actually weighed Used a 3" pearl Storm Shad the majority of the this video, water was up to 30'+…Read More »

Bass fishing with penfishingrods.com

What an awesome day using the pen fishing rods. Caught some nice bass in the 2-4 pound range and a few smaller ones too. Nothing beats the excitement of catching bass on 6 pound test and an ultra light combo! See for…Read More »