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Smallmouth Bass - Ritual of the Spawn

The spawning cycle for smallmouth bass. Populations are higher and average size is larger and spawning yields are higher. source


In this bass fishing episode I head to Ypsilanti, MI in search of some Huron river smallies! I had an incredible time fishing such a beautiful part of Michigan and I can't wait to go back! Huge thanks to Chris and James…Read More »

[SetTheHook] Bass Fishing Tournament- Table Rock Lake Summer Pattern Rundown

[SetTheHook] Bass Fishing Tournament- Table Rock Lake Summer Pattern Rundown SUBSCRIBE if you like watching! Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com/lakeforkguy Want to learn more about me? Visit my website www.justinrackley.com If you want to find our more about the stuff I use,…Read More »

Seth Feider: Swimbaits for Big Smallmouth

Seth Feider loves catching smallmouth, and he proved it by finishing 1st and 2nd in the last two events of the 2016 BASS Elite Season. Unbelieveably, Feider's smallmouth averaged over 5lbs. each on Minnesota's Mille Lacs Lake, where he caught 76lbs. 5oz.…Read More »

BIG bass eats bass

Fishing at Snell's Greenhouse I hooked a 8-12" bass, while reeling him in a HUGE bass decided to eat him. First upload, so sorry for the quality. I will get better source

How to Fish Small Football Jig for Big Smallmouth Bass

Learn all my bass secret tips for fishing this compact football jig with our limited-time 30-day preview at https://bassu.tv/signup/bassutube This compact football head jig is a great lure for smallmouth bass fishing. I'm a bass bass fishing pro here to talk about…Read More »

Part 2 - Catching More Giant Bass at a Florida Spillway

There have been many fish kills across Florida recently since the drought has ended and heavy rains have begun. That doesn't always mean your favorite spot is ruined, which is what I originally thought about this spillway. I set off to find…Read More »

Bass Fishing 2017 - Catching Bass on ALABAMA RIGS!! | Stockton Lake Day III

Bass Fishing 2017 - Catching Bass on ALABAMA RIGS!! | Stockton Lake Day III. Have you ever fished in conditions so terrible you began to question why you got out of bed? Day 3 was one of those days...until the fish started…Read More »

Winter Bass Fishing: What you need to know!

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Seth Feider's Stickbait Mods To Catch BIG Smallmouth!

Stickbaits of all kinds are well-known for their versatility and overall bass catching ability. In this video Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Seth Feider, is up north targeting smallmouth using his signature "Feider Shad" BioSpawn ExoStick. When targeting smallmouth specifically, Seth modifies the…Read More »

How To Catch The Biggest Bass In The Lake | Full Seminar 2018

Matt Allen teaches you step-by-step how to catch the biggest fish in the lake. From swimbaits, to jigs, to reaction baits, he teaches you the techniques and tricks you'll need to fool the biggest bass in your lake. Its not complicated and…Read More »

How to tell a Spotted Bass From a Largemouth

Fishing on Kentucky lake, we were catching all 3 main species of bass. It's important to know the differences between species so you can legally keep the fish or return it to the lake depending on the states regulations. You want to…Read More »