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Denali KOVERT LT JERKBAIT-HARDBAIT & FINESSE, Pesca de Lobina / Bass Fishing Denali Rod

Pongo en tu manos una caña que se hizo para disfrutarla al máximo, ligera fuerte, que ofrece excelente presentación del señuelo, ideal para muñequeo con un mango corto para arreglos que no requieren un fuerte hookset en donde la misma caña te…Read More »

How To Catch Bass With Jerkbaits | Bass Fishing

Learn how to catch bass with jerkbaits year round in this informative video. Thanks to our partner Lucky Tacklebox for supplying this video. Use promo code FREEB1 at checkout and you'll get a special bonus lure added to your box! http://bit.ly/2thNR16 Come…Read More »

Big Smallmouth Dreams Part 1 - Lake Huron

Part 1 of a series documenting the travels of the Big Bass Dream Team as they chase big smallmouth bass in the Fall of 2016. This first installment follows the group through day 1 of a 6 week adventure. Big Smallmouth bass…Read More »

Fishing Small Creeks for Big Bass

I went out to one of my local Michigan creeks to catch some smallmouth bass. I struggled to keep the pike from biting and breaking my line, but also managed to catch a few nice creek smallies on day two. Rod/reel: -Lews…Read More »

Fishing Jerkbaits for Clearwater Smallmouths

Ryan DeChaine presents a killer video on fishing jerkbaits for clearwater smallmouths. So many great tips and visual fish catches in this lengthy how-to video. Featured Product: Strike King KVD Jerkbait: http://goo.gl/9sTkKO Rapala X-Rap Deep: http://goo.gl/OkNlub source

Catch Big River Smallmouth on Jerkbaits

Bass are a sucker for jerkbaits when the water is cold. Most of the hype centers around the outstanding prespawn bite, but they're equally effective during the fall cold water period. Seth Feider gives us a good rundown on fall river smallmouth…Read More »

Facts of Fishing 2014 Full Episode 1 - The Brandon Palaniuk Lake Ontario Smallmouth Smash-Fest

Season 7 Episode 1 source

All-Season Jerkbait Strategies With KVD [Video]

This video gives us great insight into the power fishing mind of jerkbait maestro Kevin VanDam. Although he emphasizes the use of jerkbaits in and around the Bassmaster Classic period, he extends this how-to to cover the entire year with some very…Read More »

Jackin' Smallmouth on Jerkbaits - Facts of Fishing THE SHOW Season 8 Episode 10 Full Episode

This week Dave proves what makes the jerkbait such an effective tool for anything that swims. source

Giant Lake Ontario Jerkbait Smallmouth with Brandon Palaniuk - Dave Mercer's Facts of Fishing

Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer joins his buddy Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Brandon Palaniuk for some some giant jerkbait bass! source

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Ontario Big Bass Dreams Style

Amphibia Eyewear Presents Big Bass Dreams on Lake Ontario - Tackle Breakdown - Megabass Orochi XX Ronin/Shimano Stradic Ci4 3000/Megabass/Megabass Braid Lure - Megabass Ito Vision 110+1 HT Kanehira Special Guest - Jim Root source

Soft Plastic Jerkbait Smallmouth Bass - Dave Mercer's Facts of Fishing Season 6 Episode 5

On this episode of Dave Mercer's Facts of Fishing THE SHOW from season 6, Dave targets smallmouth bass with a soft plastic jerkbait. source