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How to Fish Small Football Jig for Big Smallmouth Bass

Learn all my bass secret tips for fishing this compact football jig with our limited-time 30-day preview at https://bassu.tv/signup/bassutube This compact football head jig is a great lure for smallmouth bass fishing. I'm a bass bass fishing pro here to talk about…Read More »

FLW Grand Lake Oklahoma Day 1 2016

Here is a few fish that I caught on Day 1 of the FLW Costa Event on Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma. source

Lure Fishing #116 - Big Smallmouth Bass Fishing (20.5", 19.5", 18.1") with Swimbait Jigs

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 4 Best smallmouth bass in the video: 4:26 (& 5:57) I was jig fishing at a river in New York during summer (mid July, 2015). I was fishing by swimming and jigging swimbait jigs around a…Read More »

Learn to Fish a Casting Jig for Winter Smallmouths

In this video Kentucky angler and owner of Cumberland Pro Lures, Brian Wilson talks about how he fishes a casting jig in the winter for big smallmouths on lakes like Dale Hollow. Featured Product: Cumberland Pro Lures Pro Caster Jig: http://goo.gl/sVTvrR Zoom…Read More »

Jig Fishing for Giant Largemouth

A spontaneous trip to the lake pays off after several hours without any luck. Only missed a couple others, but the ones that were caught were quality fish. Top 3 weighed 12 lb. 10 oz. All of these three were caught on…Read More »

Lake of the Ozarks Big Bass!!!

Bass fishing Missouri's lake of the ozarks late december for giant fish. Most of our fish were caught on crankbaits, and jigs although a couple came using different tactics such as a chatter bait. We have been having unusually warm weather in…Read More »

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass with Tiny Worms and Jigs

Topwater smallies the day before Summer smallmouth bass fishing in Canada is awesome! While it's hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July in Texas, we were fishing in 70 degree weather. We caught fish on grubs, hair jigs, and tubes…Read More »

Jig Fishing Basics - A Schooling Bass, Deep Water, Big Fish Technique

Buy Dirty Jigs at Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: In my opinion, Dirty jigs are the best on the market. They have the best color combinations as well as a unique two tone jig head. Pair them…Read More »

Ike & Shryock Bass Fishing Video

Mike Iaconelli (aka Ike), the host of Ike Live, and Hunter Shryock go bass fishing on Toledo Bend with 496 Films. See Ike and Shryock catching bass, some big bass, while fishing jigs and crankbaits, and a little bed fishing. Subscribe to…Read More »

Lake Powell spring smallmouth bass fishing

Went out to Lake Powell on 5-2-15 and caught a bunch of smallmouth bass. Always a fun place to fish. Please like and subscribe for more fishing videos! source

Bass Fishing With Jigs In February [Washington State]

My buddy Josh and I went out on 2/22 in search of some more February Largemouth Bass! The forecast called for 57 degree high with nothing but sunshine. However, the forecast was extremely wrong! It was actually in the low 50s with…Read More »

Lure Fishing #104 - Small River Fishing for Walleye, Big Smallmouth Bass, and Monster Fallfish

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 18 Total walleye in the video: 7 Total fallfish in the video: 1 Total northern pike in the video: 1 Best fallfish in the video: 11:21 (& 12:37) Best smallmouth bass in the video: 3:43 (&…Read More »