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How to Find Bass on One of These Things - Summer Fishing Tips

Looking for largemouth bass on electronics in the summer in deep water. I have found that searching points are a great place to start, but finding bait for the largemouth bass to hang around is also key. Look for baitfish that are…Read More »

Kentucky Lake Bass Fishing Day 1

I hit Kentucky Lake with my friend Drew for a few days for some offshore structure fishing and shallow bush flipping. This lake is full of good largemouth bass! But, it also spotted and smallmouth bass species and on this day we…Read More »



Blind Bed Fishing for Bass Tips

When you fish around the bank in the spring, you are more than likely going to hook into a bedding bass. The bigger bass will normally spawn a little bit deeper, so it pays to fish out from the bank just a…Read More »

Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Deep Bass- Spoons and Buddy Blades

SUBSCRIBE if you like watching! Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com/lakeforkguy Want to learn more about me? Visit my website www.justinrackley.com If you want to find our more about the stuff I use, check out these guys Check out my Alma Mater TAMU…Read More »

Football Jig Fishing Tips

Here I explain how I usually fish my football jigs and in what situation. Also, what to look for and the different trailers that can be used on them. They catch big bass just like many other jigs! SUBSCRIBE if you like…Read More »

Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Ledges

Winter bass fishing ledges can be a productive pattern. Here I am using spoons and blade baits to work down the wall in a stair step pattern. The 2nd ledge drop in 35' of water seemed to be the best on this…Read More »

Summer Bass Fishing Offshore Tips and Techniques

Hey guys! Check out my fiancĂ© Stephanie and I catch some bass offshore. We were catching these fish off points with baitfish on them. My top baits are spoons, swim baits, worms and jigs for offshore fishing. Deep diving crank baits are…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Sight Fishing Clear Water Gopro Footage

This is more clear water stream footage from the view of the largemouth bass and the angler. Included are a few bed fishing tips. I used a gopro hero 3 to get the footage. SUBSCRIBE if you like watching! Follow me on…Read More »

Bass Fishing Crankbaits on Rip Rip Tips

Fishing crank baits on rip rap is a good way to catch bass in low light hours and in summer and fall especially. Here are a few tips I have learned through the years on cranking rip rap for bass SUBSCRIBE if…Read More »

Big Bass at Night Go Shallow

More night fishing tips here! Craig and I head out for an ALL NIGHT fishing excursion. We fished very shallow water with a few of my night time favorite baits. Under the cover of darkness bass can cruise the shallow under calm…Read More »

Bass Fishing Tips: Finesse Jigs

Justin Rackley explains when and how to effectively fish finesse jigs for bass. For more high-class fishing content and cutting-edge weather tools, visit source