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New Personal Best Largemouth Bass!! Caught on Lew's Fishing Rod and Reel!

I finally caught my new personal best largemouth bass! its been about a year since I caught my 5.5 and now its 7 pounds! I caught this beast on a bed and it was quite the challenge! he kept swing at it…Read More »

Spring Bass Fishing with Swim Jigs - Spawning Grass Flats

Lure: Swim Jig - Spot Killer http://bit.ly/Swim_Jig Trailer: 4" Keitech Sight Flash http://bit.ly/Swing_Impact Dye: Spike It - Chartreuse http://bit.ly/Spike_It Rod: 7' Medium Heavy G. Loomis IMX Reel: Lews Tourn Pro G http://bit.ly/Lews_ProG Line: Stren 17 lb. mono http://bit.ly/Stren In this video I…Read More »


My brother and were late getting started on our fishing trip and had to change how we had planned to fish. source

How to Fish Jigs for Largemouth Bass - Jig Bass Fishing Tips - Fishing Bluff Walls and Rock

In this how to bass fishing tips video, Lake Fork Largemouth Bass Fishing Guide Stephen Fatherree, explains how to catch bass with jigs during the winter and prespawn on canyon type lakes with steep bluff walls and brush. How to fish the…Read More »

Big 7lb largemouth bass fight caught on video - bass fishing

Hi AMFisHers! This AMFisH(www.amfish.ca) vlog is a video I shot while fishing one day, just had the camera going and did not expect to hook into this "BIG OLD BASS" that you will see me fighting with! This was by far my…Read More »