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Bass fishing (BIG bedding Bass) GoPro Hero3+ 720p HD

There it is FOLKS! I love fishing for bedding Bass. Something about watching that fish inhale your lure, or watching your line tick then start to move off. Especially getting the bigger fish to eat your lure. They're more cautious and wary…Read More »

Beyond Bass Fishing- Fishing Motivation

A look into my life and personal story of what bass fishing is to me and why it's Beyond Bass! Impossible is Nothing! I encourage you to ask questions or leave comments below! Subscribe to my Channel to keep up with all…Read More »

SAF Ohio State Championship - Bass Fishing

WATCH IN HD. In this episode I fish the High school state championship at Alum Creek. Finished 3rd and made the cut to regionals in September. Thanks For Watching! source

Spring Bass fishing (Spawning Bass) Bayou Bass 720p HD

In this video I show you how to catch spawning Bass. Pitch your lure multiple time into their bed. Until you get a bite. Reel in your slack and set the hook. Good Luck. LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for watching. source

Spro BBZ-1 Rat Big Largemouth Bass Kayak Fishing Open Water Disaster - Lake Perris

It wasn't pretty, but I still caught him lol. "Big Baits, Big Fish." source

Amazing Underwater Video Smallmouth Bass Feeding Engbretson Underwater Photography

See More Underwater Fish at Amazing underwater video of smallmouth bass feeding on crayfish. This HD footage takes you underwater to show how smallmouth bass cruise the lake bottom searching for crayfish. Once a crayfish is found, the attack is lightning fast…Read More »

Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, Walleye & Pike fishing on Shoal Lake

Burlaga fishing Team in action again with our best video to date we are on Shoal lake in Manitoba on the Ontario border. We hammer the fish catching over 200 fish in a day. I myself got 120. We got monster Smallmouth…Read More »

Awesome Underwater Footage catching Largemouth Bass on a jig

Awesome Underwater Footage of Catching a Bass. I had a GoPro Hero 4 on my head a SJCAM SJ5000+ in the water. I didn't have a scale so I didn't get to weigh it. Please Subscribe. I always subscribe back !!! You…Read More »

GoPro: Fishing for Largemouth Bass - Texas (1080p HD)

Watch in 1080p HD. Pre-spawn bass fishing on private land in Mineral Wells, Texas. All video shot with the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, and all video edited with the GoPro Studio software. Song: Down the Road Artist: C2C Copyright: 2012 On and…Read More »

Small Mouth Bass Fishing Lake St. Clair

Had a really good time catching come small mouth the other day with a good friend. source

Big Bass Froggin Full Video - Kayak Bass Fishing - Tims Ford Lake TN - TNKayakAngler

Great day on the water. Caught 12 bass and had several on video, including a huge bass. Location: Tim's Ford Lake. Lure: Stanley Jigs Ribbit frog, soft plastic white frog, hooked Texposed. source

Fishing a "Texas rig" worm - "Flipping for Largemouth Bass"

Fishing a "Texas rig" worm - "Flipping for Largemouth Bass" - RahfishNow presents : Big Fish want to use as little energy as possible and flipping a "Texas Rig" 10 inch worm for Largemouth Bass could be the ticket. When temperatures warm…Read More »