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USA Bassin Tourney at Pomme de Terre, Why 3rd Turned to 5th!

USA Bassin Tourney, R Yancey n A Yancey, Pomme de Terre, 6 17 17. Had a great day of tournament bass fishing at the USA Bassin divisional bass final at Pomme de Terre lake last Saturday, June 17, 2017. Fished with my…Read More »

Catching 15 lbs of bass on Pomme de Terre lake in southwest Missouri

Various Videos Catching Largemouth Bass Nations' Randy Yancey! Most of these Bass were caught in the lakes of Southwest Missouri! source

4' Whitecaps,Stockton Lake Mo:USA Bassin Team Tourney, Randy Yancey v Alan Yancey

4 Foot Whitecaps for 2 Bass all day! This video doesn't show the whitecaps on the main lake. This was a protected arm off the lake. See if you can find my new $300 Quantum 150hpt in it's 'new rod storage holder'…Read More »

Randman011s Bass Fishing, Stockton Lake Mo. 4.17.17

Just a short video on a 3 hour fishing trip to Stockton Lake Missouri on April 17th, 2017! Fishing with Randy(Randman011) Yancey. @largemouthbassnation, #largemouthbassnation, southwest missouri bass fishing! source

Randman011 Bass Fishing;14lbs of Largemouth in Under 3 Hours!

Just a little Bass Fishing 2 minute video from Halloween day, 2016. Including a 6+Toad. All on 2.5 Square Bill Crankbait. #5x3Fishing, @LargemouthBassNation, #LargemouthBassNationdotCom, #LBN Bass Fishing, #BassProShops, #BassPro source

Eric Thomas & Les Brown | I'AM A WINNER (Motivational Speech)

A thank you to my son, Westin Yancey for never letting go of his dreams! I am 'speechless' and 'humbled' when I listen to people like this! Pity the human being whose 'hair on their neck' doesn't stand up when you listen…Read More »

First Cast Bass!...

First Cast Bass! Bass Fishing Big Largemouth Bass in grass on a Jig Watch this guy catch a toad of a Largemouth bass from shore! #fisrtcastbass, #largemouthbassnation, #Randman011BassFishing http://www.youtube.com/user/HawgInc/videos?flow=grid&view=0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gSJ0H5JLq0 first cast of the day cant get any better than that!! ...…Read More »

Gotta get me some of these Gambler Lures Swimbaits!...

Gotta get me some of these Gambler Lures Swimbaits! Gambler Lures,How to Catch Largemouth Bass,Bassin Fools Ytube Videos, #LargemouthBassNation, Largemouth Bass Nation Sick footage from Gambler's Joe Holland with the NEW Gambler Little EZ. Perfectly placed camera, perfect smallie smash, turned out…Read More »

8 pound largemouth bass smashes zara spook topwater....

8 pound largemouth bass smashes zara spook topwater. see more awesome videos and articles at one of our bass fishing websites or Facebook pages, like #largemouthbassnation dot com, @largemouthbassnation, http://largemouthbassnation.com, , #howtocatchlargemouthbass.com 8 pound largemouth bass smashes zara spook topwater. see more…Read More »