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Bass Fishing Tips - Gerald Swindle/Winter Fishing on the Coosa River (Part 1)

Lucky Craft Pro Gerald Swindle talks about wintertime fishing on the Alabama's Coosa River. This is part 1 of 2 from Lucky Craft's Classic Pattern archives. source

Bass Fishing, Bigmouth Forever

Vidéo Américaine sur la pêche du black-bass aux leurres avec des prises de vues sous marine et combats en direct. De superbes images et des attaques impressionnantes de black-bass. Désolé pour la qualité. source

My Bass Fishing Tackle 8/1/14

Total Bag weight = 14.5 lbs Forgot to discuss flipping jigs in tackle box 2. There are 6 strike king hack attack jigs. 3 blk/blu, 3 grn pumpkin. Two 3/8 ounce, two .5 ounce, and two 3/4 ounce. source

Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques - Skeet Reese fishing a jig on Clear Lake

Lucky Craft pro Skeet Reese shows of his techniques for fishing a jig in the fall on Clear Lake. This footage is from Classic Patterns. source