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HyperGlide Winter Smallmouth Bass - Manitoba Northern Region

Frozen Northern Manitoba is known for huge Pike and Trout throughout the ice fishing season, but I start my tour by searching for a scrappy alternative on Rocky Lake... check out for many year-round trophy angling options. Lake Fork Guy Stradic Ci4+…Read More »

Smallmouth Bass fishing In Northern Michigan

Took a trip to northern Michigan traveling form lake to lake in search for some giant smallies. Northern Michigan is one of the best places on earth to catch these bronzebacks. I went during the toughest time of the year also since…Read More »

Jika Rig Tip - Smallmouth Bass Fishing

| 877-442-4294 Capt. Ben Wolfe shares tips for setting up and using a Jika rig for bass fishing. This fishing rig can increase casting accuracy and allow anglers to more easily feel the rig moving through the water and along the bottom.…Read More »

Sight Fishing Giant Smallmouth Bass

Took a trip to Northern Michigan in the Spring and the big boy smallies were cruising the outside edges of the reeds. I tried tube jigs but they kept getting jammed in the reeds. I switched to a pitching technique I use…Read More »

Summer Smallmouth Fishing on Lake St. Clair

Watch professional fishing guide Gerry Gostenik guide Joe Thomas to some of the best summer smallmouth fishing on Lake St. Clair. source

Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Fishing - So Many Giants!

St. Clair is just an amazing lake! We had an unbelievable day catching these smallmouth. We caught them on topwater, tubes, and the dropshot was the #1 technique. We think our best five fish went upwards of 22 pounds! If you ever…Read More »

Spring Smallmouth Fishing Lake St. Clair, Michigan

Smallmouth Fishing Lake St Clair, MI. April 26, 2016 caught about 20 smallies drifting the mile roads of St. Clair Shores My GoPro died about halfway through the trip and didnt get any footage of the biggest catch of the day. source

Small Mouth Bass Fishing Lake St. Clair

Had a really good time catching come small mouth the other day with a good friend. source

River to Lake Smallmouth bass fishing.

When the water temps reach the 60's the bass go on a fierce topwater bite. source

Fishing Planet - Unique Smallmouth Michigan EN

Guide on how to catch the Unique Smallmouth Bass. Thanx to mioskus, he told me about the spot and lure, couldnt thank you in the video because it was too short, mate. source

Fishing Fails Compilation

Fishing fails, bloopers, and outtakes. All clips are from full length videos that can be found on my channel. ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ►Google+: ******************************************************* More TCS Videos: Winter Steelhead: Diver Duck Hunting: River Chinook Fishing: Pheasant Hunting: Archery Deer Hunting: source

Deep Cranking Fall Smallmouth Bass Feeding Frenzy....

Cranking for big schools of Smallmouth Bass in Fall of October 2014. How to crank bait fish for small mouth bass. Learning how to crank bait fish for bass. How to fish. Fishing tips. source