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Bass Fishing at Pomme De Terre Lake: With Shannon Jackson and Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith from Chuck Smith's Fishing takes him, my cousin, and I out bass fishing on pomme de terre lake. During the October lull I decided that I needed to change up my routine and go fishing instead of hunting. #bassfishing #bass…Read More »

My First Muskie

Caught my First Musky During my Eldon Bassmasters tournament at Pomme De Terre. source

SECOND CAST Pomme de Terre, MO Musky / GoPro (unedited)

My buddy Keith and I took our annual Pomme de Terre Musky trip for a weekend in late September. We arrived on the water at 4:00pm on a Friday, fishing by 4:30, and had this fish in the boat by 4:45. On…Read More »

Pomme de Terre lake

Pomme de Terre lake - 25ft. over the normal water level. source

Tri County Bass Club Pomme de Terre Randy Yancey Bass Angler

Always enjoy fishing on Pomme de Terre! From May 2014 to July 2017, was my home lake as I had an rv at Goody's resort and during the spring through fall summer months, I fished it at least 1-3 times per week.…Read More »