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HUGE Bass on a Bed and a CRAZY Catch!! | TylersReelFishing

Clark and I decided to head out to Lake Travis and wound up having a SPECTACULAR day of Bed Fishing! He caught a STINKIN GIANT! And the catch was even CRAZIER! Our new favorite Bed fishing bait is the Spot Remover Jig…Read More »

1st College Fishing WIN!! BIG Smallmouth Bass | TylersReelFishing

College fishing has been a challenge so far, but I finally got myself a win, only a few months into my freshman year! Lake Belton has some nice smallmouth bass, and did they ever SMASH my crankbaits! Be on the lookout for…Read More »

Bass Fishing with Gummy Worms!! Underwater Gummy Bites | TylersReelFishing

Do gummy worms catch bass? I don't know, does KVD throw a spinnerbait? Does Steph Curry shoot 3s? Does Justin Bieber make bad life decisions?... I think y'all know the answer to this question. In this episode I take you above and…Read More »

Louisiana Bass Fishing in the Swamps | TylersReelFishing

Early this spring, Josh and I headed down to Houma, Louisiana, for the BASS Central Regional Fishing Tournament. Practice was tough, but we managed to figure out a few things, and this vlog highlights our practice. Next video will be the tournament!…Read More »

Do Bass Actually Eat Crawfish?? | GoPro Live Crawfish Footage

To answer that question: Yes, they do. But why don't they at certain times and in certain situations? In this video, I show you how bass react to LIVE crawfish underwater in their habitat. I provide some great commentary, and I hope…Read More »

Tyler's Fishing is Pretty Real | Pre-Spawn Cold Front Bass

If you want a good laugh on your Friday, and learn some dope Pre-Spawn tips as well, this is the video for you. Austin and I had a blast out on the water, figuring out those tricky post frontal pre spawn largemouth…Read More »

Bass Attack Lures GoPro Footage | Underwater Bass Fishing

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a bass eats your lure down there? Well wonder no longer as I take you down to where the fish live once again in this underwater installment. Bass fishing is the best, and…Read More »

Catching Giant Bass Bed Fishing(Sight Fishing) | TylersReelFishing

My buddy Richie and I had a great day out on the water, as you guys have seen in my latest videos. We had a 5 fish limit for 24 pounds, with several bass over 6 pounds! Here is just a quick…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Eats Bait Underwater | SUPER CLEAR Footage

Here is my first of several strictly underwater fishing videos for 2016! I took a more chill approach this year to see how well my videos do! I hope you guys like them! For anyone asking, I will be making a video…Read More »

Catching BIG BASS on MUTANT LIZARDS!! | TylersReelFishing

In this video, Austin and I tackle Fayette County Lake with a form of live bait known as, Waterdogs! Yes, they are basically water lizards, and yes, they DO catch BIG Bass! To reemphasize, these baits are completely legal, and are not…Read More »

Sick Underwater Bed Fishing | Fishing For Spawning Bass

Spring is a great time of the year for sweet bass fishing action and bed fishing is one of the most exhilarating tactics to use! My main weapons of choice for bed fishing are Zoom Super Flukes and White Jigs. My GoPro…Read More »

5 tips for Late Summer Fishing | TylersReelFishing

I know it's a little late, but I hope this video shines some light on how to fish in the late summer, which can be a very hard time of the year to catch fish! Let me know if you have any…Read More »