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Fishing Jerkbaits for Clearwater Smallmouths

Ryan DeChaine presents a killer video on fishing jerkbaits for clearwater smallmouths. So many great tips and visual fish catches in this lengthy how-to video. Featured Product: Strike King KVD Jerkbait: http://goo.gl/9sTkKO Rapala X-Rap Deep: http://goo.gl/OkNlub source

Lake Mohave Smallmouth Bass - Lindner's Fishing Edge 2016 S4

Al and Troy Lindner fish the crystal clear waters of Lake Mohave, Arizona for smallmouth bass, where habitat restoration has caused smallie populations to explode. Subtle hair jigs and grubs fool wary bronzebacks into biting. source

Swim Baits for Smallmouth Bass - Lindner's Fishing Edge 2016 S7

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith fish the outer edges of shallow humps for early prespawn smallmouths that have yet to penetrate the shallows. Lightweight jigheads tipped with paddletails tempt finicky smallmouths into biting. source

Fall Smallmouth - Lindner's Fishing Edge 2015 S6

Big bronzebacks are on the move in early fall. source

Catch Big River Smallmouth on Jerkbaits

Bass are a sucker for jerkbaits when the water is cold. Most of the hype centers around the outstanding prespawn bite, but they're equally effective during the fall cold water period. Seth Feider gives us a good rundown on fall river smallmouth…Read More »

Finesse Fishing Bass With Gliding Jigs

Randall Tharp provides a lesson on this intriguing finesse jig ( which pairs well with a variety of soft plastics. Great underwater video showcases its unique action. Elite Series pro Randall Tharp is known for his power fishing prowess, but he knows…Read More »

Catch Late Fall Smallmouths on Natural Lakes and Rivers

Wired2fish's Ryan DeChaine shares some insight on catching late fall smallmouth bass on natural lakes and rivers up north. The water temps are dipping down below 50 degrees but there is still some great bass fishing to be had. Some really good…Read More »

Pro Fishing Secret Tip to Catch Big Bass in Cold Winter Water

Just because it's winter and the water's cold, doesn't mean you have to put away your bass fishing rods and reels and go hunting. If the water's not frozen, there are still big bass to be caught. In this how-to video, see…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Fishing, In Wyoming?

I caught this Largemouth Bass Fishing on a Rapala DT 4 Silver Grey Shiner. Bass Fishing was fun this time. I could not believe that me and Susy decide to go out to a new secret location in Wyoming and we end…Read More »

Bass Fishing, Bigmouth Forever

Vidéo Américaine sur la pêche du black-bass aux leurres avec des prises de vues sous marine et combats en direct. De superbes images et des attaques impressionnantes de black-bass. Désolé pour la qualité. source

Tips for Fishing Banks in the Spring for Bass

FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton talks about the importance of where you cast in the early spring and the behavior of bass throughout the day when the water is warming in the early spring. source

Fall Large & smallmouth bass fishing, Lake Simcoe, ON

Join Italo & his guests James Beauprie and David Neill as they show you how to locate and catch fall bass & pike using crankbaits in adverse weather. Produced by www.canadian-sportfishing.com for Csf 29 10 YouTube source