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How To Fish For Largemouth Bass - Over 100 Caught! Fishing in Weeds!

This video demonstrates how to flip and pitch for Bass, my favorite bass fishing techniques, and my favorite soft plastics. We catch over 100 dinks with an occasional lunker. Thanks for Watching and I'll See You Outdoors! Fan Mail Address: I look…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Fishing From A Paddle Boat at Lake Mead, Nevada

Summer Bass Fishing is very good right now. We hook up on Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Striped Bass in this video. People were laughing as we loaded our boat with the bass poles but its not the size of the boat…Read More »

Friends In The Field Fridays - Bass Fishing with Avid Outdoorsman99, Realistic Fishing, Local Subs

I created Friends In The Field Fridays to thank my Subscribers for watching my videos. This is a great opportunity to be seen on a different platform than your own which could help you draw attention to your channel. I didn't have…Read More »