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Tennessee Smallmouth Bass Fishing

I had to make time to go to the river. As much as I enjoy guns and shooting, It's hard to beat a day on the river. BTW,I caught all the big ones. Sorry, Eric, I must tell the truth. 🙂 source

Where & How to Catch Fast Moving River Smallmouth

River Smallmouth are among the most migratory of all Bass species, travelling in excess of 30 miles per year. Al and James Lindner go on the hunt for fast moving school of river smallies in the heat of summer. Current is a…Read More »

Bass Fishing- They Beat Up The Frog (2016)

Bass fishing with hollow body frogs. Went out with the intention of froggin' and flipping' but quickly realized the frog was going to be "the deal". It was difficult at times but I was still able to lace into a few. Subscribe…Read More »

Huge Smallmouth

Smallmouth and Largemouth caught at Bear lake and Illinois River also please check us out on Instagram for more fishing pictures @FarSouthBassin. source

Wisconsin River Small Mouth Bass Fishing

A day out pre fishing on the river for a upcoming tournament that we did bad on. Caught some small mouth bass that day but not any decent sizes. Check Out A community of kayak anglers across the Great Lakes region... ...Michigan,…Read More »

Bass Fishing- Zoom Z-Hogs in Mats (2015)

Bass fishing in the early summer using Zoom Z-Hogs beaver style soft plastics. 6/2015 source

Smallmouth Bass fishing in Maine montage for end of summer 2013

This is the last of the footage I have for this particular lake for 2013 enjoy! I will be back there next year, hopefully breaking the state record. source

Fishing For Smallmouth Bass In Lake Michigan

Tube fishing for smallmouth bass with Whip Em Baits HuckleBerry Disc Tubes. Check them out @ source


Did some small mouth bass fishing with the Butcher! He knows how to fish! Had a great time and caught some very nice smallies! source

How To Fish For Smallmouth Bass Using Tube Jigs - A Dedication to our Father

There was a mistake in the previous version were we forgot a very important clip. This version is the correct one. Thanks for your understanding. Hello folks, this week we have a really special video for you. This video was made in…Read More »

Smallmouth Fishing with Topwater Frogs (HD)

Catching some nice smallmouth in a small trout stream using RIbbit Frogs. source