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Hey Junkies, fishing a tube can catch you more fish than fishing a Jig. Everyone throws a jig, but the tube is being thrown less and less. Throw something the fish haven't seen as often and you'll catch more fish. In this…Read More »

Tested Bank Fishing Tips for Catching Bass

Bank fishing is an excellent way to catch lots of bass. You don't have to mess with loading and unloading a boat, so it's a perfect way to wet a line when time is limited.┬áTo maximize your results, Managing Editor Walker Smith…Read More »

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Flipping and Pitching Tutorial

If you want to dominate the shallows, you need to master the art of flipping and pitching. Bass fishing legend Gary Klein spares no details in this comprehensive tutorial on the subject. source

Tips on Bass Fishing the Neko Rig

Mark Courts shows us how to rig and fish the Neko rig in a variety of habitats, and demonstrates its effectiveness over the Wacky rig and Shaky head in certain conditions. source

Kayak Fishing Techniques - Boating - BCF

Visit BCF.COM.AU We take our newly kitted-out Fishing Kayak for a spin and manage to catch a few Bass. Kayak fishing tips and techniques include use of a surface lure, shallow diving hardbody lure, curl tail soft plastics, metal blade lure, fish…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Fishing Hard Grass Lines in Cold Water with Bill Lowen

In this fishing video, Bassmaster Elite Pro, Bill Lowen gives some early spring bass fishing tips showing us how to catch largemouth bass when fishing hard grass lines in cold water. Learn how to... - Flip a wisker beaver in the hard…Read More »

Soft Plastic Lures - Shallow Summer Bass Fishing Tips

Early Summer is a great time to catch bass on soft plastic lures. Shallow largemouth bass will bite neko rigs, weightless senkos, texas rigged lizards, worms and craws when fish correctly. In this how to fishing tips video, largemouth bass guide Stephen…Read More »