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Spinnerbaits For Summer Bass | Bass Fishing

Here's how to use spinnerbaits in summer to catch bass. Thanks to our partner Lucky Tacklebox for supplying this video. Use promo code FREEB1 at checkout and you'll get a special bonus lure added to your box! http://bit.ly/2thNR16. Come check out the…Read More »

Big Bass Attacks Spinnerbait! - Scott Martin - How To Spinnerbait Fishing Tip on Okeechobee

Bass Attacks Spinnerbait! - Fishing willow leaf bladed spinnerbaits on Okeechobee is a great way to catch some nice bass. This video I explain in-depth How To fish them properly in the grass. I will discuss the proper rod, reel, line and…Read More »

How to Use Scents and Dyes to Get More Bites - Bass Fishing Tips

Dyes: JJ's Magic Dyes: Garlic Spray Marker: Jigs: Craw Trailers: Boottail Trailer: Spinnerbait: Frog: This video will go in depth on how to use scents and dyes to get more bites and a higher hookup ratio. The main two brands I use…Read More »

Fall Bass Fishing - How to Find and Pattern Fish

Buy these lures from our store Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: This video explains my approach to every lake that I fish during the Fall. Locate the bait, match the bait, then experiment with different lures based…Read More »